Paypal paid Surveys

Paypal is an easy way for survey companies to pay you. As many as 80% of all surveyors choose Paypal option as a secure and convenient way to get paid for taking online surveys.
Each Survey company advertises about the methods and types of payment offered to their panel members.

Survey companies that will pay you via Paypal:
Esearch surveys
pays for completing surveys only via Paypal.
Lightspeed Consumer Panel
you collect points with them, which could be redeemable as cash deposit into a PayPal account.
cash rewards via Paypal.
cash rewards - direct deposit via PayPal (all participants) or a cheque mailed directly (Australian participants only)
Online Global Recruiting
panellist members can choose to be paid for surveys via Paypal.
Ciao Surveys International
for completing surveys with Ciao you can request payment through PayPal to your bank account.
Go Zing
rewards for completing surveys include PayPal cash, gift certificates and Napster music.
PSB Surveys
cash rewards are sent directly to your Paypal account.
Brand Institute
offers Paypal payment option to their survey panel members.
PineCone Research
you will get paid for completing surveys via Paypal or by check.
Clear Voice Surveys
members can choose to be paid for completing surveys through Paypal.
pays you instantly through Paypal for each survey completed.
Opinion Now
they transfer the amount for each survey/interview to your bank or Paypal account.
Planet Pulse
Cash payment is made to your PayPal account.
Panda Research
Panel members are paid when they have at least $100 or more in their account. Payments are made via Paypal.
My View
rewards through Paypal.
Greenfiel Online
payment via PayPal should be available soon. Ask Greenfield Online support for details.