What's your opinion towards InvokeSolutions?

If you are involved in GreenfieldOnline's frequently offer of some interactive surveys,which were hosted by InvokeSolutions.com,you must know they often supply high revenue through a longtime discussion on various topics.You often get 20 bucks after you finished the whole interactive survey and the duration is always approximately from 60 minutes to 90 minutes.

The basic requirement is very simple.You have to qualify for their previously selected survey,which is very short(5 or 10 minutes),and fill your personal information after completing some related questions.When you're qualified,you will get the schedule of your future interactive survey.But it does not mean that you are qualified already.The final decision was made by GreenfieldOnline staff.

Usually,if they accept your application,you will be notified via e-mails before the survey is opened.And a typical e-mail reminder include information as follow:

Reminder : Interactive Survey Access Instructions for Tuesday June 17th 2008, at 7:00 pm EST

Dear ******,

This is a quick reminder of your interactive survey scheduled for later today. This survey will be hosted by our research partner for this project, Invoke Solutions. In order to participate in the survey, you will need to follow the instructions below. SPACES ARE LIMITED! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT BY LOGGING IN EARLY OR ON TIME AND COMPLETING THE ENTIRE SURVEY, YOU WILL BE ENTITLED TO A $25 incentive.


Your session is scheduled for Tuesday June 17th 2008, at 7:00 p.m. (EST)/ 6:00 p.m. (CST)/ 5:00 p.m. (MST)/ 4:00 p.m. (PST).

Duration: Approximately 75 minutes

User ID: ***********


Session URL:

Toll-free support line: 1-866-299-9467 (Available 1 hour prior to the session)


1. You will need to use a computer with a connection speed of 56kbs or greater. Cable modem, DSL, ISDN, T1 and T3 all have acceptable connection speeds.
2. You need to login 15 MINUTES prior to the scheduled start time, to successfully prepare for the session.
3. You will need to use a computer running Windows 98, ME, XP, NT 4.0+, 2000 (or above) with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 (or greater) or AOL 6.0 (or greater) installed.
4. If Microsoft Internet Explorer or AOL is your default browser, simply click the event URL listed above 15 minutes before the actual start time.
5. If your default browser is not Microsoft Internet Explorer or AOL, then run MS Internet Explorer or AOL and copy the link above into the address bar of your browser.
6. Once the URL address is entered, follow the instructions on the screen.
7. If you encounter any technical problems logging into the event or during the event, please call our toll-free live support line listed above.
8. If you have any questions before the event, please send an email to:
techsupport@invokesolutions.com .

Should you have any questions regarding your incentive payment for the session, please contact Greenfield Online directly at
help@greenfield.com and mention Project ID 1002412-NOC.

We look forward to seeing you at the online interactive survey on Tuesday June 17th 2008.

Ann Buckley
Greenfield Online
21 River Road Suite 21
Wilton, CT 06897

And if you finished the interactive section,they usually add the funds to your GreenfieldOnline account in 18-20 days.

Now I wanna know your opinions towards this kind of research.Please feel free to tell me your thoughts on this topic,and I appreciate it.


P.S Please notice that you need to install a software provided by InvokeSolutions before start your interactive research,and they only support Internet Explorer 5.01 or higher.

Internet Scams:The Easy Way to Lose Millions!

Crafty and conniving, Internet thieves have concocted ways to steal money, identities, and peace of mind that are so clever, they even fool some experts. Consider some of the following ways a crook can use email and the Internet to separate you from your money:

Let’s Make a Deal

You receive an email from a Nigerian government official asking for your help in transferring $12 million into a bank in your country. For your assistance and a little information (your bank account number and signature) they’ll allow you to keep $3 million.

But once you’ve agreed to help, the “deal” slowly unravels. Suddenly, there are urgent requests for cash--a bribe for a government official or “unforeseen expenses.” Before long, you’ve paid out thousands, they have your bank info, and you haven’t seen one penny of that $3 million.

What Rhymes With “Ripped Off”?

These scammers offer potential poets the chance to be “poetry contest winners.” Then comes exciting news—you’re a semi-finalist! For just a “small fee,” you can buy the book in which your poem appears, have it mounted on a plaque, or even recorded by a professional actor onto a tape. Plus, for an additional fee (about $500) you can travel to a ceremony in another city where you’ve been nominated to receive the “Poet of the Year Award!” Of course, much to the promising poet’s dismay, all of this is fiction.

The Gift that Keeps On Giving...to the Thief

Gift cards are great--affordable, easy to buy, and perfect presents. They’re also ideal for making some crooks very happy. First, the thief visits a local retailer where gift cards are displayed on a publicly accessible rack. The criminal copies down several card PIN numbers, returns them to the display, and then goes home to wait. Eventually, an innocent shopper will purchase one of those same cards, add money to it and give it away as a gift. The thief merely bides his time, occasionally calling the retailer with the ill-gotten PIN numbers to check for activation status and balance on the cards. Once a card is loaded with money, the thief uses it for his own Internet shopping spree. By the time the card’s rightful owner attempts to redeem it, the balance has been used up, and the gift card is worthless. Adding insult to injury, some crooks will then take the used up gift card numbers and sell them online at a “discount” (a $25 gift card for just $10! What a deal!) Of course, it’s no bargain when the victim realizes the card is worth $0.

Stay One Step Ahead

So what can you do to ward off the wicked? Arm yourself with knowledge and you’ll proactively protect yourself from the sneakiest scammers and scumbags out there:

  • Stranger Danger. Advice that’s not just for kids anymore. Simply put, never answer emails from people you don’t know.
  • Who wants to know? Adopt a policy of never providing bank or credit card details via email. If ordering merchandise online, make sure it’s from a trusted site. And never share passwords with anyone.
  • Gift card buyers beware. Don’t buy gift cards off publicly accessible racks and always inspect packaging for any evidence of tampering. Always keep your receipt while there’s money loaded on the card and never buy gift cards from online auction sites.
  • Check it out. Make it a habit to check consumer sites for up-to-date info on the latest scams and how to combat them. For more information go to www.scambusters.org or http://www.usa.gov/Citizen/Topics/Internet_Fraud.shtml

OMG... I didn't qualify... what happened?

I´ve repeatedly read in this blog questions along the line of "Why didn´t I qualify although they sent me an invitation?", "Why did I DQ after just answering the "Are you anyname?" question?", etc. and always was to lazy to write an answer ;-)

Now, I stumbled across this FAQ-answer on some other site and I think it does a great job of explaining the general process.
If you also keep in mind that the first three or four basic questions like age, location, zip, etc. are always asked, not because the survey company does not already know them but to ascertain that it´s really you who fill out the survey, that should answer all the questions about this topic.

OMG... I didn't qualify... what happened?

Ok... so, here is how it works behind the scenes.

A particular survey may have demographic quotas, or it may not. Those that don't have demographic quotas, will accept anybody (and everybody), take their responses, and thank you very much, you get your points. All done, nice and simple.

What about a quota based survey?

Here is where it gets a bit more complicated, because when a survey has demographic quotas and/or restrictions, it requires an exact number of responses from set demographics or past experience. Here are some examples...

10 Males who live in Australia, from each age group
20 Males and 20 Females who are self employed, in the IT field.
10 people from each Post (Zip) Code in Toronto
Must have purchased product1 or product2 or product3 (100 people of each)

So, why did I miss out, but my brother got through?

Now, as you can see, when the survey starts, everybody qualifies. As time goes on, and responses pile up, certain segments reach their maximum, and close. So, although a survey (take second example above) is open for males, it may be closed for females, because it has already reached its quota.

Fine, but why didn't you tell me from the beginning?

When we do know whether you qualify or not, we do tell you. It makes no sense for us to send you off to do a survey, knowing you don't qualify. Why would we do that? huh? Right - no reason. So we don't.

First of all, you will not get an invitation, unless you fit the general profile. Second, if it is a piece of data we already know, on arrival at the qualifying page, we will tell you immediately, sorry, this survey has now closed (for you). For example, if all 'male' spots have been filled by the time you respond, and you are a 'male', your journey ends there.

Uh-huh, ok so far, but why do I have to answer questions before you tell me I don't qualify?

Now, some criteria, we don't know, unless we ask you a couple of questions. Take example 4 above, and imagine that all responses for product1 are already done, but still require product2. We will not know whether you qualify, unless we ask you. If you have product1 - sorry you miss out. But if you have product2 - you continue.

So, I could respond to 50 questions and then not qualify?

Not exactly. We're fair people. Usually the 'qualifying' questions are 3 or 4, over and done in under a minute. In extreme cases, where the qualifying section is time consuming, we will pay a smaller amount of points (1 to 5) to those who didn't qualify as well as the full reward to those who go on to complete the whole survey.

Ok. Bottom line?

Bottom line is, although you got an invitation, although you passed the qualifying questions at XXXXXXXXX, by the time you get to the client's survey, you may find that you can't complete the survey, because your particular segment is already done. And unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it.

And remember, we only invite those who (to the best of our knowledge) partly qualify in the first place! You wouldn't be here otherwise. Now, to see if you fully qualify, we may have to ask something like...

"Have you bought your children The Spiderman DVD from eBay for Christmas?"...

Wouldn't you be worried if we already knew that!

That's all. You may now close this browser.


just to add to the above descriptions as a "reformed" market research telephone survey taker. Ive since evolved into a respondant. But ill put my professor's hat on for another session of Surveyology 101. Big Smile

I´ve repeatedly read in this blog questions along the line of "Why didn´t I qualify although they sent me an invitation?", "Why did I DQ after just answering the "Are you anyname?" question?", etc. and always was to lazy to write an answer ;-)

Uh-huh, ok so far, but why do I have to answer questions before you tell me I don't qualify?

Now, some criteria, we don't know, unless we ask you a couple of questions. Take example 4 above, and imagine that all responses for product1 are already done, but still require product2. We will not know whether you qualify, unless we ask you. If you have product1 - sorry you miss out. But if you have product2 - you continue.

So, I could respond to 50 questions and then not qualify?

Not exactly. We're fair people. Usually the 'qualifying' questions are 3 or 4, over and done in under a minute. In extreme cases, where the qualifying section is time consuming, we will pay a smaller amount of points (1 to 5) to those who didn't qualify as well as the full reward to those who go on to complete the whole survey.

Stick out tongue

Remember, a survey is designed to be a representative "Sample" of the population. In the old days where i worked we were given telephone numbers that were randomly generated. (in the days way before the do not call list). This was called our sample. The numbers were selected often times based on the telephone company exchange for a community which can sometimes be a specific demographic segment of the sample.

The key word is a representation of the larger population.Hence why surveys often ask "are you white.black,hispanic or some other race" so that the diversity of America or whatever nation is being surveyed. So when a specific segment of the population's quota has been filled for the survey we are thus terminated. Of course depending ont he survey design, and the total number of completed surveys they need for the client, the higher or lower those groups requirements may be.

Fine, but why didn't you tell me from the beginning?

When we do know whether you qualify or not, we do tell you. It makes no sense for us to send you off to do a survey, knowing you don't qualify. Why would we do that? huh? Right - no reason. So we don't.

Also, keep in mind that as a survey project nears the required number of completed "interviews", the various demographic groups fill up. So, logic would have it that one should stand a better chance of completing the survey, (and hopefully receiving an incentive), if one manages to get to it in its early stages of data collection

Again, remember the purpose of market research. The intent is to extrapolate from a representative sample how the consuming public behaves or spends their money. It is this sampling, if done right and from the right demographic segments based on whatever the client is researching that makes this sort of site and the rest a good tool. Could you immagine say for example, Colgate Polmolive asking about any ad Dawn dish soap Ad they ran on tv and isntead of a survey wtih 500 respondants it was 5 million? The ad would have long been forgotten by the time the project was done.

One other tidbit. I am sure some of us have completed surveys that seemed identical to ones we had done before with what seems to be the exact same questions. AFIKT, this would be what research insiders would call a "Tracking study". This often is to gauge the effect of an advertising or marketing campaign to see if the ads have lost thier impact over time or if folks are buying more or less of Acme Widgets , disposable widgets. This allows management to see trends in their products life.

OK, so ill take off my marketing professor hat, ive bored you all too much. This Surveyology 101 class is dismissed! Have a great weekend and THERE IS NO EXAM in this classBig Smile

Three Things You Should Know About ClearVoiceSurveys

Maybe you have noticed that ClearvoiceSurveys has a good reputation for its 'Pay for your Time' theory,which means whether you are qualified for their surveys or not,they will pay you the basic $0.25 incentive for your participation.Frankly speaking,I appreciate their efforts on improving the whole internet marketing research system performance.But,as a panelist,there are 3 things more you should know about.

1.About the revenue.
Though their registration system looks like accepting people all over the world,it's just a trick.The original purpose is focused on avoiding noneffective responses from the market.In this way,they eliminate the participation of survey takers outside of USA,UK,Canada,and Australia.Besides,people who wanna redeem their revenues via Payoneer would be involved in some trouble if their physical address is not located in those countries.Because ClearVoiceSurveys is a partner of Payoneer and you can register a Prepaid debit MasterCard through the link,which will show up when you get $10 in your account,on your reward page.But you will find something interesting.Yeees,they only offer application of the four countries mentioned previously,and exclude all other countries!!

2.About your profile
You'd better complete your profile surveys as soon as quickly.Because their system will need some time to accept your profile and match with their customer's request.The sooner you take your profile questionnaire,the more surveys you will get.And don't miss their poll questions,neither.Usually,it's a 'quick match' with the survey in the future.

3.About the Payment
There are three type rewards:Payoneer cash,resturant gift card and amazon voucher.And they often add your payment in 10-20 days after you finished their surveys,which is also based on the survey.

Overall,ClearVoiceSurveys is a great panel and they are doing their best to improve the performance of internet marketing research.We should appreciate their efforts.

Payoneer Prepaid debit MasterCard

They just send me the mail and tell me they have approved my 3 applications of Prepaid Debit MasterCard.

Here we go.


Your Prepaid debit MasterCard® order has been approved!

Your new card will be mailed to you within two business days according to your chosen shipping method. Please note that local mail service may affect delivery times.

Below is your Cardholder User Name, make sure to keep it confidential.
You will need it to access your account:
(your name)'s Cardholder User Name: (your e-mail)

Note: Do not use your prepaid card unless funds are loaded. Some ATMs will "eat" your card, if used without any funds available.

Help and support :

If you have any questions, please contact us at Support@payoneer.com
We also offer online assistance at www.Payoneer.com

Just as I have told you guys,I applied the Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard via three different Company,AWEmpire affiliate program,oDesk and Text-Link-Ads.And after waiting for nearly 1 week,the Payoneer stuffs finally approved my applications.It's a good news to me!Now,the following steps are just simple:sit down drinking my coffe,and check my mail box.

If you don't know how to apply for a Payoneer prepaid debit MarsterCard,now I gonna tell you.

  • Firstly,open your web browser and type in http://www.payoneer.com
  • Secondly,you can find out some useful information on their partners,such as Utest,2CheckOut,oDesk and etc.So google those partners' website and register it.
  • When you finished the registration,you will find a link redirecting you to the registration page on Payoneer's website.For example,you can find the link at My Account's Payment page on oDesk.They provide many kinds of payment methods.
  • At last,you need to fill out the three steps profile(your personal information) form.
  • Submit it!

Now,you have finished the application part.What u need to do next is just waiting for the approvement.Good Luck!

Clear Voice Surveys

Clear Voice Surveys is an easy way to earn cash and rewards just by voicing your opinions. Companies need your help to improve their products and services, in return you get paid for answering their surveys. Simple as that.

Clear Voice Surveys is different than other survey sites, we value your time. Other survey sites only pay you for surveys you qualify for and complete. We pay you for each survey you participate in.

Plus, we offer the best rewards anywhere. You can take your earnings as cash and our partner Payoneer will mail you a prepaid debit card or use them to buy gift certificates at Amazon or even exchange them for gift certificates to your favorite restaurants and have a night out on us!

For All Your Printer Needs - 100% Guaranteed

Apple Store Announced Its Biggest Promotion of 2008!!

It's really good news!!

After becoming one of our authorized sponsors
,Apple Store just announced their biggest promotion of this year.That's really good news,especially if you are a college student.

But,that's not the reason why I write this article.Why I'm doing this is based on my personal experience with Apple products.They are stylish and useful.

Ok,let's come to the point.

You guys can share the information as follow:

It's back! Apple Store has just announced the biggest promotion of the year - the Back-to-School offer for University Students and their parents, plus Faculty and Staff of all grade levels. Starting today through September 15th, eligible University members can get a FREE iPod touch or iPod nano with purchase of select new Mac models. This offer is available at the Apple Store for Education.

When you add up university students, their parents, and educators, it totals almost 60M people in the US alone. All of these eligible customers can save up to $200 everyday with the Mac education discount that is always available, plus the savings of up to $100 off select printers with purchase of a Mac and free shipping on orders over $50 (free shipping on orders over $75 in Canada). And during the limited-time Back-to-School season, these customers can take advantage of all of the education offerings, plus get a free iPod with Mac purchase.

Benefits of the Apple Store include:
  1. Free Shipping on orders over $50
  2. Free engraving on all new iPod models
  3. Exclusive: iPod RED for shuffle and nano
  4. Exclusive: Custom-to-order your mac - add memory, select software, different screen options and more. Shipped to your door.
  5. Exclusive Apple certified refurbished products with one year warranty
  6. Up to $100 off select printers when you buy a new Mac
  7. Exclusive: Gift wrap for all iPod models for a $5 charge
  8. Frequent launches of popular products
  9. Exclusive: pre-orders on select products
  10. Buying guides for easy shopping and special shopping events
  11. French & English Canada links; search by "CAN" or "FR CAN"
  12. Education discount and creative available upon request
Apple Online Store

Because the promotion will expire on September 15th,you'd better make sure you can buy your new Mac as soon as you can.

Mysearch Funds - Changes!!

I received their e-mail a few minutes ago.The content is as follow:
New Website launch and partnership with YAHOO!

Dear Mysearch Funds user

We are contacting you to announce some really great news! Mysearch Funds is becoming Homepages Friends, as the first stage in a process to bring you new and exciting ways of making money on the internet, from more of the things you do everyday.

Over the next few days you will see the change to our new design and to the Homepages Friends name, and then over the next few weeks you’ll see some great additions to the service you already have – but first you will need to become a member of Homepages Friends. Don’t worry, all this will happen automatically and you don’t need to do anything at all - you will still be able to earn in exactly the same way from searching online, except that the search results will come from a new provider...

We are therefore very pleased to be able to announce that the biggest online host in the world - YAHOO! – has agreed to become our sole search feed provider.

You do not need to do anything to make this change, we will make it automatically over the next few days. Initially this won’t make any difference to the way your revenue accumulates, but we believe that working with a brand of this size and quality can only have a positive influence.

Initially this will be a general, English language results service, but over the next few months we plan to move to a Yahoo results service which is specific to most other countries and languages – more details on this will follow.

YAHOO! invented the paid search marketplace in 1998 and since then, has continued to drive the category as the market leader and innovator. Their range of products is extensive and we hope that through them and other new partners new content such as shopping channels, email, blogging and much more will now be provided through our new site Homepages Friends in the not too distant future.

We believe this is an exciting move forward for us and all our members and that the benefits to you will consolidate our position as an energetic revenue-generating online provider.

If you don't know who they are,now I'm going to tell you about this company.They are a search engine provider.Actually,they cooperate with some big search engine providers like Google,Yahoo,MSN and Ask.At the beginning,they pay people who use their search engine service.It sounds weird,but that's true.The price of your search is based on their own algorithm,but it usually costs £0.02 per individual search.And once your revenue reach the £20 limit,they will pay you via Paypal or Bank Transfer in the next month(more than 45 days).

It's a simple way to generate some additional income.

You can try it here,or Join it now.

Personal Opinions & Paid Survey Panels


It's been a long time since my last update,but now I'm back again:-).During that period,I was fighting with Paypal and doing surveys on different survey panels.The reason why I'm fucking with Paypal is quite simple,as they limited my account ONCE AGAIN!!Then the fight began.Firstly,I wrote some words via their online contact system with a flinty manner.But they just ask me to do something that I do really hate!So,I began to get angry and call them bastards..and they just pay no attention on my case but to reply me with the same e-mail again and again..Finally,I believed that they already got out of control...And I'm still working on it right now.You guys can keep looking on this case,and I will post an article on this blog if they cancel the limit.

Ok,let's come to the point.

Since the last time I wrote on this blog,it has been 20 days.During the period,I have tested some famous paid survey panels,such as Surveys.com,GreenfieldOnline,MySurvey.com,Surveysavvy.com,Pinecone Research,etc.


Oops..I have to go now,and this post will be updated later.Sorry,guys.


I'm back,guys.
Just as I have mentioned,I tested some paid survey panels in last 20 days.All of them are famous for their
excellent reputation on paying people(I mean Cash,not gift cards or vouchers).Now,I'll tell you what I get.

My favorite panel is GreenfieldOnline and Surveys.com(gfk),and I have earned 80 bucks with greenfield and 7 bucks with Surveys.com during this 20 days period.The payment was handled with Paypal both,and actually,Greenfield are processing payment twice a month.But,Surveys.com makes it about 10-20 days after you finished their surveys.

On the other hand,Greenfield send you mails everyday,but only on the first few weeks they send you surveys that cost 5-12 dollars,and if you make no response to their 'profile survey'(
Reward: An entry in our current sweepstakes),they won't send you surveys with high revenues anymore.Even if you login your account on their web site,you always get surveys with reward of an entry in the current sweeptakes....So,once they give a survey,do not care about whether it's a bucks one or not,just finish it.In this way,you also increase your 'reputation' on their system.

After doing surveys on GreenfieldOnline,you will find Surveys.com is quite simple,and easy to qualify.Though they don't send surveys frequently,I do really like it.Their surveys are efficient,and they don't waste your time on those endless qualified questions.And once up on a time,I was doing a survey that ask my attitude towards US economic affairs.Then I know they are conscientious.

Mysurvey.com is also a good site for you guys to make your opinions count:-).But they only pay you when you earned more than 1000 points(equal $10).You have to redeem your points to a check or just give it to their charity partners.I don't like check,so I subscribe to a charity.

Pinecone Research is one of the most exclusive companies.They are only paying people $3 per survey now,but the old members' surveys are still cost $5.And you couldn't request your payment via Paypal until you qualified their special terms(you can check it on their FAQ section).Frankly speaking,I don't like it as much as GreenfieldOnline.And they are not as professional as Greenfield does.By the way,if you can no longer login to your Pinecone Research account,that's probably because they have restricted your account.And it means you need to 'contact us':-).

Surveysavvy.com...it's hard to say,because I have never received their surveys,and I don't know what the hell's wrong....

I'm still working on those stuffs,so you guys can leave me a message if you have trouble.