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Our Paypal Account is Restored

the first page we have seen when they restored our account
We're especially fond of Paypal, as our revenue has risen up to $265 in 5 months.We also fought against their terms sometimes.Anyway,the good news was we could solve those 'open cases' with them peacefully at last.

Six months ago,we set up our premier account.Unfortunately,Paypal guys limited our account access on April 17th.We are not about to tell you the reason why they do that,but we wanna share our story with you guys.And we believe it would be helpful when some people do really want to 'fight against' Paypal's ridiculous TOS,lols...

Actually,I was too angry to contact their customer service,and I didn't understand why they treated us like that.We only have little money on our account at that time.

However,I wrote them e-mails to claim we're innocent.They didn't trust us and insisted that we should provide our credit card info and some other evidences to prove our natural existence.And that made me crazzzy!So I called them bastards and fu(king idiots.Wow...I'm little foolhardy,right?But that's OK,because Paypal guys also lost their tempers,and I'm glad to provoke them.

The result of my
disrespectful behaviour was they finally decided to limit my account for 180 days and I could request a check on Oct. 22nd.

Then I just let it go.I still receive my payments via this limited Paypal account.

3 months later,I received my prepaid debit MasterCard from Payoneer.Because I got in trouble when I tried to add this Payoneer MasterCard,I contacted Paypal's customer service again.They asked me to change my passwords and security questions and answers to restore my account this time.All I needed to do is just 'Change Passwords and Security Questions and Answers'!!Then I just did that!And my Paypal account was really restored!

By the way,the reason why I cannot add Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard to our limited Paypal account was not Payoneer card's fault.That depended on Paypal's security system.Maybe I just missed the final date.And next post we will discuss on the Payoneer project and tell people how to verify their Paypal account with Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard.

Regards. Choice Reward

I noticed we have discussed in our previous post that would take a new reward system which include Digital Choice Reward.But we have already received their Digital Choice Reward incentive on May 20.

Dear ****

Thank you for recently completing a survey. In appreciation of your time, here is your Digital Choice reward!

Please click on the link below to choose from 2 free music downloads, 2 free ringtones or 5 free photo prints.****@****.com&action=pin

Again, thank you for your time and your feedback! We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Carol Henderson


Why did you get this email?
You are a registered member of You registered on *******

How do you know if you are eligible for your sweepstakes?
View our rules at:

Questions, comments or concerns?
Contact Carol Henderson either at the Help Desk:
or by mail at:
GfK c/o Panels, 1060 State Road, Princeton, NJ 08542

This email was intended for *****
Regards. August Payment


We received the payments several days ago.If you are a good paid surveys taker,you must know is one of the best paid survey panels.Their leadership on internet marketing helps thousands of companies solving problems related with market responses.

Here we go.



By the way, begins to pay people special rewards on some kinds of survey topics.On one of their recent survey invitation,the reward was their 'new digital choice reward'.

Upon completion of this survey, as a thank you for your participation, you will receive a special incentive…our new Digital Choice reward. This is good for one of the following: 2 music downloads or 2 ringtone downloads or 5 digital photo prints…it will be your choice! You’ll receive an email when the survey has closed which will include instructions on claiming your reward. In addition, you will also receive an entry into our $5,000 monthly cash giveaway where you will have a chance to win hundreds of cash prizes!

Remember September 11th


Did you still remember that day?

The day our hearts were broken.

The day our men and women were taken away from us.

The day our tears welled up in eyes.

We cherished the hope that there was no war or terrorist attack on the world.

We read the following article on,and we are about to recommend it to you.

Original article

Remember September 11th

Tuesday September 9, 2008 World Trade Center Tribute in Light
New York, along with the rest of the world, will pause on September 11th, 2008 to honor the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It will be a day of sadness, memories, and coming together as a community.

By Pamela Skillings, Guide to Manhattan, NY since 2005 Gift Certificate from

Finally,we get paid from

Frankly speaking,CVS is great,and the best part is they also pay people cash via Payoneer prepaid debit card.We highly recommend our readers who live in US,UK,Canada and Australia.Because their Payoneer redemption solution is only available in those countries.

We redeem 1-$10 Gift Certificate from® that can be applied towards the purchase of millions of items at

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GreenfieldOnline Payment Proof

Here we go.

No.1 $19

No.2 $15

BTW,once upon a time,I took a series of surveys which were hosted by a same company.To my surprise,those 4 surveys were the same,totally.It only cost 30 minutes to finish them.A little crazzzy,aahuh...

We are approved by BlogCatalog!!

I can still remember the time we submitted our blog to BlogCatalog a month ago.But they just said :

Submission Declined: Paid Surveys Center

And then told me why:

Thank you for submitting your blog Paid Surveys Center ( to BlogCatalog.

Unfortunately upon reviewing your blog we are unable to grant it access to the directory.

Your blog was declined for the following reason:

  • The URL you submitted is solely for commercial purposes, or is suspected to be spam.

If you believe this to be a mistake, you can login to Blog Catalog ( ) and change anything which may have caused it to get declined. After updating your blog, it will be put back into the submission queue.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/ideas please feel free to contact us.


But we didn't give up.After a couple weeks,we resubmitted it.

and then,

3days later,Mr.BlogCatalog,the vicious old man replied me:

Submission Declined: Paid Surveys Center

My heart was broken.

So I told myself,I had to work hard and got myself listed on Mr.BlogCatalog's glory wall.

20 days passed...

We submitted it again,and this time Mr.BLogCatalog smiled and said:

Changes Approved: Paid Surveys Center

Oh,my god!!

Mr.BlogCatalog is the kindest man I have ever seen and I wanna say:Wow..
are u crazzzy,Old man?

Netverdix Review


Min Age to Join:13

Netverdix is a market research panel that recruits respondents wishing to share their opinions and reactions about products, messages, and surveys offered by companies in exchange for cash rewards. In addition to Cash Rewards the panel offers sweepstakes entries for members that attempt a survey but do not qualify, and in some cases small cash rewards for screener surveys in excess of 10 or 15 minutes. Members are matched up with paying surveys by their member profiles so it is recommended that you complete these once you sign up. Plus, you will receive a sweepstakes entries for each profile your complete. Membership is free, and payments are processed at the first of each month, however there is a month delay to payment.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 6.6
  • Compensation: 5.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 5.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 5.7
  • Member Area & Support:7.1
  • Overall Rating: 6.1
In my Opinion
I have been a member of Netverdix for a couple of months now, and the survey quality is pretty good. I have received $2 for each survey I have taken, and they generally took less than 20 minutes to complete. Would be better if they sent more surveys with a little higher pay, but all in all not a bad panel.

Registration is Free.

Microsoft to Buy Greenfield Online!!

What the hell's wrong with Mr.Microsoft?In fact,they just wanna take,a review site,which belongs to Greenfield,Inc.

Microsoft is looking forward to boosting its online shopping search market share.So they announced an acquisition of Greenfield Online, the owner of popular shopping search site is not all about shopping search. It is well known for online surveys, but Microsoft is apparently not interested in this division of the company. Microsoft will sell it to an already existent, but unspecified buyer, according to

Microsoft Corp. on Friday said it will buy Web-based survey company Greenfield Online Inc. for about $486 million in cash in a move that will bolster its search and e-commerce services in Europe.

You can read this article here:

Payoneer Guys wanna take My Twitter Username!!

That's really great!

Because I have already taken Payoneer as my Twitter Username,and their
Marketing Manager just sent me an e-mail said they wanna take the
'Payoneer' username and asked me why I had chosen it.Now,I need your
help.What can I do next?

This is a snapshot of the e-mail content:

And the main idea is why I wanna use it.If I tell them I just like it,I don't know whether they will terminate my payoneer account or not.

This is a quote from my mail box.


I am contacting you from Payoneer. I noticed that you had taken the Twitter name of Payoneer. I was wondering why you had chosen to take that name? We are going to open a Twitter account and would like to use that name. I see that you have no followers or people that you are following. Please let me know if we can work something out.

Thank you,

Marketing Manager


GlobalTestMarket Review


Min Age to Join:14

GlobalTestMarket is an international global consumer research panel sponsored by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) and it was founded in 1999. Membership to their panel is free, and they offer market points redeemable for cash for members that complete their online survey studies. Members that attempt, but do not qualify for studies are usually still rewarded with a small number of points. A member must accumulate 1000 points = $50 USD (international members will be rewarded in their currency based on the current exchange rate) to claim their earnings.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 7.6
  • Compensation: 7.3
  • Frequency of Surveys: 8.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 6.3
  • Member Area & Support:7.0
  • Overall Rating: 7.3
In my Opinion
On average, I receive about 5 surveys a week, and to date since I joined 1 month ago, I completed 19 surveys + the additional 9 profile surveys, of which I have earned a total of 460 points, or a little less than $25.00. That’s my history in a nutshell. I don’t even remember qualifying for most of them, but you still earn 5 points just for trying, which is always nice.

On the site, they list all the surveys you have been invited to and which ones you completed, but they sort them by survey number, rather than by date. They also don’t tell you what the survey was, which makes this system a little confusing. That said, the surveys are frequent and aren’t too long, at about 20 minutes, and the compensation is good. You can cash out 1000 points for $50.00. What more can you ask for? It’s one of my favorite survey panels. I highly recommend it.

Registration is Free.

E-Poll Panel Review

Regions:Mostly US, some Canada and UK

Min Age to Join:13

The E-Poll Market Research Panel was founded in 1997, and has a primary focus on gathering research on consumer attitudes and behavior towards entertainment and media. Members are invited to take mostly entertainment and media related surveys, and membership to the panel is free. Members that complete these online surveys are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for gift certificates from online retailers like

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 8.6
  • Compensation: 7.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 3.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 9.6
  • Member Area & Support:6.1
  • Overall Rating: 7.0
In my Opinion
E-Poll is a good survey company overall, but they lack frequency of surveys, maybe i get 2 every other month, so if you are looking to get a steady payment from them, it will not happen, as the surveys are not frequent enough.

They do pay and I have gotten a bit from them, and the surveys are interesting and the customer service is good too!

Overall,I’am happy with them and I will remain a member.

Registration is Free.

Choozz Review

Regions:United States and UK

Min Age to Join:US 13+, and UK 14+

Choozz is another creation of Survey Sampling International (SSI), the same panel responsible for SurveySpot. Choozz members are invited to take research surveys that help shape the world of music, movies and games. Membership to the panel is free, and is mainly targeted at the teen to mid 30 age crowd. Every completed survey qualifies you for an Instant Win Game where you can win cash and prizes. Plus some surveys offer cash rewards, and will be noted in your survey invitation.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 8.7
  • Compensation: 8.5
  • Frequency of Surveys: 8.6
  • Timeliness of Payment: 9.6
  • Member Area & Support:8.1
  • Overall Rating: 8.7

In my Opinion

Choozz is awesome! I love the fact that they give teens a chance in something usually adults only do. I recommend this to ALL teens across the country!

Registration is Free.

Valued Opinions Panel Review

Regions:UK,US,and Canada

Min Age to Join:16

Valued Opinions is a market research panel that rewards you for participating in market research surveys. For each survey you complete you will receive an award that will typically be between $2 and $5, except for specialty surveys that can be worth as much as $50. Once your account reaches $20 you will be able to redeem your reward in the form of a gift certificate from a selection of popular retailers. Like all of the panels listed here, membership is free.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 8.9
  • Compensation: 8.2
  • Frequency of Surveys: 8.7
  • Timeliness of Payment: 9.3
  • Member Area & Support:9.1
  • Overall Rating: 8.8
In my Opinion
I receive one or two survey invitations a week from Valued Opinions, and almost always qualify. One of my favorite things about this site is that, in your account information area, all of the surveys you have taken but not received credit for yet are put in a “Pending Credits” section. The name of the survey as well as the amount of the reward is listed, so you can keep track of all the surveys you have taken and be sure you receive credit for all of them. It can take up to a month before a survey is moved out of the “Pending Credits” area, but I have never had a problem with not receiving credit. Valued Opinions also offers higher rewards than most other survey sites — In 3 months on this site, I have made $30. Rewards can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Macy’s, or for Amazon gift certificates once you have earned $20. This is a higher payout threshold than most other sites, but with their generous compensation, it isn’t hard to reach.

Registration is Free.

Synovate Panel Review

Regions:Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, UK, and United States

Min Age to Join:18

Synovate, started in 2003, is an expanding global market research company that gathers opinions on products and services for corporations worldwide. The official name of their panel is Global Opinion Panels, and membership is free. Members that complete online surveys are entered into sweepstakes drawings for cash, and also earn reward points which are redeemable for cash.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 6.2
  • Compensation: 6.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 5.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 6.1
  • Member Area & Support:5.7
  • Overall Rating: 6.0
In my Opinion
It seems as though you will receive surveys which they have no intention of giving out the points for. I have only been doing them for a couple of months but have already had 2 instances where I went through a lengthy survey only to be told I did not qualify. Most sites determine this in a few minutes. Last night I spent 40 minutes on a survey which was to last 50 minutes and was at 84% completion when they decided I didn’t qualify. Looks to me like they got the info they needed without having to pay out points.

Registration is Free.

Medicine Survey Screenshot

Below, you will see descriptions of two sleep medications currently on the market. Please read each description carefully and then answer the questions that follow.

Please read the brief description below:

Advil PM is a nighttime analgesic that contains both a pain reliever and a sleep aide. It is available over-the-counter without a prescription.

Now here is some more information.

Less time awake and more time asleep

Sometimes you have trouble sleeping because pain is keeping you awake. When you look for a medicine, you want something that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

That's why there's Advil PM. It works by rushing the powerful pain relief of Advil right where you need it, while the gentle sleep aid eases you to sleep. So no matter what kind of pain is keeping you awake, you can rest assured that with Advil PM you'll spend less time awake and more time asleep than with Tylenol PM.

Imagine Tylenol PM were a person

Progress: 52% Completed

Now we would like you to imagine that Tylenol PM were a person. Based on the description of what you have just read, which of the following characteristics would describe the type of person Tylenol PM would be?
Please select all that apply

Overly aggressive
Someone who lives life to the fullest

Medicine Survey Screenshot 3

Progress: 41% Completed

Now, once again, we would like you to read a description of a product to treat your sleeplessness. Please read the description carefully and then answer the following questions.

Sleep doesn't always come naturally

Some nights you have trouble sleeping. Nights when aches and pains keep you awake. You try everything - baths, chamomile tea, exercising more during the day - but nothing helps. You still can't fall asleep. The truth is that different stages in your life can effect your ability to sleep. These are the times when medicine could help.

That's why there's Tylenol PM. Tylenol PM works with your body to quickly silence the pain that keeps you awake and it has an added sleep medicine to ease you to sleep. When used as directed, it's non-habit forming. So you can get the rest you need when sleep won't come to you naturally.

NPD Online Research Review


Min Age to Join:13

NPD Online Research is an online market research panel hosted by the NPD Group, a market research firm with nearly 40 years’ experience on helping top companies understand their consumers. NPD currently provides market research information for over 1,400 manufacturers and retailers from the feedback of their online panel members. Membership into the panel is free, and NPD rewards members with entries to win their daily, monthly and quarterly cash drawings. In addition, US members can also participate in a sweepstakes program called SweepLand where panelists earn points for completing eligible surveys.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 7.3
  • Compensation: 8.2
  • Frequency of Surveys: 6.8
  • Timeliness of Payment: 7.7
  • Member Area & Support:6.5
  • Overall Rating: 7.3
In my Opinion

Pros: It’s possible to win great prizes from just a few surveys such as laptops and cash. Surveys aren’t too bad and frequency is okay. You can choose where to put your points or just save them up.

Cons: It is hard to win. You would have to be really lucky since you are in a raffle with lots of people. Points for raffles are the only form of compensation.

I have not won anything from this site, but I will probably still continue doing the surveys once in a while just in case I get really really lucky.

Registration is Free.

Tylenol PM

Tylenol PM is a nighttime analgesic that contains both a pain reliever and a sleep aide. It is available over-the-counter without a prescription.

Now here is some more information.

Sleep doesn't always come naturally

Some nights you have trouble sleeping. Nights when aches and pains keep you awake. You try everything - baths, chamomile tea, exercising more during the day - but nothing helps. You still can't fall asleep. The truth is that different stages in your life can effect your ability to sleep. These are the times when medicine could help.

That's why there's Tylenol PM. Tylenol PM works with your body to quickly silence the pain that keeps you awake and it has an added sleep medicine to ease you to sleep. When used as directed, it's non-habit forming. So you can get the rest you need when sleep won't come to you naturally.

AdSense smart pricing tips


Today,I WANNA share this great Official post with you guys and I will try to improve our adsense ads performance.

Inside AdSense: The facts about smart pricing

Just as you have seen,we are not good at managing ads.And we do really generate rare revenue via our adsense account.So we have a plan on decreasing some of our ads in the future.

Ok,that's all I wanna share with you guys today.

Best Regards


Focus Forward Review

Regions: United States

Min Age to Join:13+

Focus Forward is a marketing research firm that recruits respondents nationally for qualitative and quantitative marketing research. Focus Forward has two panels you can join: an online panel which allows you to take surveys via e-mail and an offline panel which may involve going to a focus group facility, spending time on the phone with an interviewer or completing assignments. The Online Panel opportunities usually pay between $1.00-$5.00, while the offline panels focus group sessions can pay between $75-$250 depending on the length of time and topic. You must of have a minimum of $10.00 in your account to request a check.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 8.0
  • Compensation: 7.3
  • Frequency of Surveys: 8.5
  • Timeliness of Payment: 7.7
  • Member Area & Support:9.1
  • Overall Rating: 8.1
In my Opinion

I have to give a mixed review for Focus Forward.

I have been a member for many months and have received a total of 4 survey offers. I qualified and took a $1 survey. I then qualified for 2 surveys being held the same week. I was asked to participate in focus groups held in locations near my home. Each survey paid $250 for 1 hour of my time!!! AWESOME! Unfortunately, both survey dates were on days when I was going to be out of town. The Focus Forward representatives who contacted me by phone were extremely nice.

Most recently, I received a follow up phone call for an in-home survey where the compensation was $150 for an hour of my time. Focus Forward left a phone number for me to call back to set up a date. When I called the number back, I received a message stating, “This is a non-working number.” I called back 6 times, from 2 different phones. Received the same message. This happened 2 days in a row and I finally gave up trying to get in touch with them. I also went onto the website to verify the phone number was correct, which it was. I sent an email to customer service and never heard back from them.

I love the fact that they have such high paying surveys, but it would also be nice to receive a few lower paying ones. It’s unfortunate that the phone number is non-working and they do not return emails.

Registration is Free.


I'm Tony Brian,and I will be a part of this great blog soon.Survey$Center just talked with me and we decided to dedicate ourselves to this amazing blog.You guys can expect to receive more crazzzy tips on how to deal with those 'tough' survey panel which do really sucks.

Ok,that's all.

best regards.

Tony Brian

Esearch Panel Review

Regions:Mostly US, some Canada and UK

Min Age to Join:18, Inc. has been in the online market research area since 1995. They collect panelists opinions on different topics varying from food items to political scandals, and many types of products and services in-between. is a member of the the Market Research Association (MRA) and American Marketing Association (AMA) and fully complies with Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) guidelines for online data collection and panelist privacy. has been hosting online survey panels since 1995, and is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Market Research Association (MRA). They currently have over 800,000 members that cover many demographics, and they offer paid surveys with topics ranging from food items to political scandals - and many other products and services in-between. Members are rewarded with either cash drawing entries or cash payments for completing surveys, and all cash rewards are delivered via PayPal.
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 8.6
  • Compensation: 7.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 3.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 9.6
  • Member Area & Support:6.1
  • Overall Rating: 7.0
In my Opinion

I have been a member of this site for a long time now. They do send occassional surveys. The surveys always are interesting and easy to answer. The frequency of surveys however is well below average. The compensation is average for the time involved in answering. They do pay by paypal, and it is nice.

The site does not have any way you can log in though. There is no way to “track” on their site what you have made or what you still have pending, that is all on you. That’s not essential per say, but usually it’s nice to see when you are waiting for money.

The members support area on their site is average at best. They don’t really have much of a website.

So, all in all, it’s not the best site out there, but I do get paid for the few surveys I get via paypal and they always pay. It’s worth it for a few bucks a year, but not a lot of money.

Registration is Free.


Recieve a $35 Portrait Studio GiftCard
Regions:United States and UK

Min Age to Join: 18

ECN Research is an interactive survey where users are rewarded for their opinion; incentives for users vary from a $500 shopping spree, free ring tones to a free vacation voucher to over 50 destinations.Their program pays $1.25 for every user who completes their survey, no products to sell, no credit cards required. ECN offers one of the most dynamic and user friendly survey platforms on the internet today.
  • Free to Join
  • Payment Form: Check
  • Pay Out: $5-10 per survey
  • Receive offers, coupons, discounts and giveaways targeted to your specific needs based on how you answer surveys
  • Get free movie tickets just for registering
    (see website for more details)
  • Influence marketing decisions companies make!
  • US Residents 18+ American Residents Welcome!

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 5.3
  • Compensation: 5.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 8.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 9.6
  • Member Area & Support:6.6
  • Overall Rating: 7.1
In my Opinion
Take the ECN Research survey and be entered to win a $500 Shopping Spree. Receive offers, coupons, discounts and giveaways targeted to your specific needs based on how you answer our survey. Sign up for other great survey offers where you can get paid for providing your honest opinion. Refer your friends and family and receive additional rewards. Influence the development of new products and improve existing ones. Join their interactive survey and enter for a chance to Win a flat screen TV! Influence the development of new products!!Earn Points & Rewards When You Make Your Opinion Heard. Improve the Products you Buy and Be Rewarded.

Yes,You CAN.

Registration is Free.Join ECN Research

Ipsos review


Regions: United States, Canada, United Kingdom,France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Belgium

Min Age to Join: 16

Ipsos,which is founded in 1975 in France, is now a global online marketing research company with offices in 44 countries all over the world. They conduct researchs for clients from countries around the world on different topics, and from different industries. They actively recruit members from those nations mentioned above, and membership is free. Members who complete online surveys are entered into their sweepstake drawings to win real BIG cash. Some longer surveys are rewarded with cash payments. Prizes, sweepstakes, and reward programs varies depending on your region.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 7.8
  • Compensation: 7.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 7.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 7.6
  • Member Area & Support:7.6
  • Overall Rating: 7.4
In my Opinion
I’ve been a member of this site for a long time, and the outcome is great. Incredible in fact. You get several surveys about every week, which is nice, and some surveys are interesting to finish, but the rewards are where it chokes up. The compensation is I-tickets and an instant win game. I’ve yet to see a paying survey, so your reward is always based on chance. HOWEVER, you still get the basically same reward for not qualifying for surveys. That's Great,Right?For instance, if a survey offered 20 I-tickets, and you didn’t qualify, they would still give you an instant win game and 10-15 I-tickets. They also have what’s called the VIP club, which tells you if you become a VIP you can win a car. Yet, there’s no actual instructions on how to become one, or who actually is. For people who love a chance to win something without acutally filling out a survey (on a survey site,) this ones for you. Actual people looking to get paid, though, stay far away :-)

Registration is Free.Join the Ipsos Survey Panel

Sleeplessness Medicine Brands

Progress: 39% Completed

Once again, based on of what you read about the OTC medications and your general knowledge of the sleep aids; thinking of the next ten times you will be purchasing a product to treat your sleeplessness, please indicate how many times you will purchase each of the following products.

For each product that you might purchase please enter the number of times you would purchase it. If you would not purchase a given product please enter zero next to it.

The sum of your purchases must be ten.
Please enter number of times

Advil PM
Anacin Aspirin Free PM
Bayer PM
Bufferin AF Nite Time
Doan's PM
Excedrin PM
Midol PM
Miles Nirvine
Simply Sleep
Sleep MD
Tylenol PM
Store brand
Other OTC (Please specify)
Ambien (zolpidem tartrate)
Ambien CR
Ativan (Lorazapam)
Dalmane (flurazepam)
Desyrel (trazodone)
Diastat (diazepam)
Dizac (diazepam)
Doral (quazepam)
Elavil (amitriptyline)
Halcion (triazolam)
Intesol (lorazepal)
Klonopil (clonazepan)
Librium (chlordiazepoxide)
Lunesta (eszopiclone)
Paxipam (Halazepam)
Prosom (estazolam)
Restoril (temazepam)
Serax (oxazepam)
Sonata (zaleplon)
Tranxene (clorazepate)
Valium (diazepam)
Xanax (alprazolam)
Other Rx (Please specify)
I am not planning on treating my sleeplessness with any medications

Total: 0

HotSpex Review

Who the hell's HotSpex?

is a unique online community where participants are invited to participate in online surveys and innovate for leading brands. Members are dubbed "Hotspex Innovators" and earn points redeemable for vouchers, music downloads and other points program points in exchange for their participation.

Have your opinions heard by leading brands and be rewarded for free surveys.

In my Opinion
I signed up with hotspex about four months ago. Yesterday I received my free Ipod Touch($300 Retail) in the mail. I have gotten good and rapid(within the same minute once) responses to my questions from their customer service, and I received my prize one week ahead of schedule. I definitely feel that Hotspex values their panelists for more than just their information, they want you to have a good overall survey experience.

I have never really considered using their exchange but I imagine it would be good for those who collect airline miles. I do like the ease of their charity exchange(most have no minimum donation so its really easy even if you dont have 1000 points) and the fact that they plant a tree for each survey. I am a big fan of the prizes in their raffle style point exchanges and can tell you I won so it is possible, but you gotta be in it to win it.

Datatelligence Online Survey Review

Datatelligence Online is an online survey panel operated by Cunningham Research Group. Studies of different types are conducted by Datatelligence Online including online surveys, fragrance testing, focus groups and in-home product use tests. Panelists of Datatelligence online are rewarded for their participation in studies via cash payments, cash drawings, or with points redeemable for cash.

Ok,let's see what did they say.

Why Join?

As a member of Datatelligence ONLINE, you will have the opportunity to express your opinions, and convey your experiences regarding a variety of products and services. Your input will influence the development or improvement of new products that affect consumers like you. We guarantee that your information will always remain confidential and never shared with a third party.

Benefits for joining!

Depending on the length and type of the study, our members are rewarded in a variety of ways - You may receive cash or earn datapoints, which can be redeemed for high tech electronics (PDAs, IPods, CD/DVD player, etc.), movie tickets, air travel miles, MP3 download and other great items in your incentive catalog. Also, by completing your member profile, you are automatically entered into the current month's sweepstakes which currently includes cash and prizes estimated at around $2500 in value.


In addition to participating in fun surveys and enjoying other great member benefits, datatelligence ONLINE is committed to maintaining an online community with its members. Panel members are invited to participate in a number of activities – weekly polls, charity donation, health/wellness information, quarterly newsletters and other ad-hoc activities.

Now,let's see what do we say.

I have joined this panel for several years,and in my opinion,Datatelligence is a survey site that offers points and sweepstakes to complete surveys, they send out quite a few sweepstakes surveys more so than points surveys. I usually just do the point surveys they send me but decided to do one of the sweepstakes ones just for fun because I figured it would be relatively short since there was no real reward except for the entry in to a sweepstakes. To my surprise I qualified for a chocolate study that would pay me $15 just for completing the survey and talking about what chocolates I liked. The survey lasted about 35-45 minutes but it wasn't a tedious one like other surveys I have taken before and I can't beat getting $15 for it! I guess I will be doing the sweepstakes surveys as well an d hopefully get to do other studies like this one and maybe even product tests.

payment proof

Ipsos-i-Say Review

Here it is..............
Join the Ipsos Survey Panel

The Ipsos i-Say online survey panel is operated by Ipsos Insight, a division of Ipsos. Ipsos is one of the world's largest online marketing research companies which conducts over 6 million surveys annually in over 100 countries. Survey panelists of Ipsos receive instant win opportunities, sweepstakes entries and daily prize giveaways.

As an Ipsos i-Say member you are able to provide your feedback and opinions on a wide variety of topics. Each survey gives you the opportunity to win valuable cash prizes or merchandise.


Availabe:US, Canada and UK
Paid Per Survey:$2-$20
Survey Amount:5-10 surveys each month
Earn Per Month:Around $50 worth merchandise or cash
How to Earn:Taking Paid Survey and earn the ZoomPanel point, you can redeem this point to the merchandise or Amazon Coupon
Payment:Members that complete online surveys are entered into sweepstakes drawings for cash. Some longer surveys are rewarded with cash payments. Prizes, sweepstakes, and reward programs vary depending on region

To become an Ipsos I-say member you only need to fill out their membership survey. The survey asks questions about who you are and what you like to do. They use your information to determine which future surveys you might want to participate in. Finally, it's all free.

Join the Ipsos Survey Panel

Survey Police:Not all online surveys are scams.

Who the hell's Survey Police?
Survey Police is a good place for survey takers to rank different survey panels.It aims to provide you, the consumer, with a thorough online survey companies resource; reputations, rankings, and directories.

Here we go.

SurveyPolice is your ultimate destination for online survey information.

Let SurveyPolice help you identify survey scams, rank, review, and file complaints against online survey companies.

SurveyPolice will assist you, the panelist and consumer, to voice your opinion to legitimate marketing researchers who are listening.

Don't be afraid of the world of online surveys - it can prove to be a legitimate way of voicing your opinions to researchers readily willing to compensate you fairly for your time.

Actually,we often post our stories on it,too.But,the information must be identified carefully,because people do always have different hobbies.For example,we are highly recommending the GreenfieldOnline panel,but they just give it a rank of 31(41%).

The most useful advantage of Survey Police is that people,like you,can file their complaints here.And they will help you to resolve it.

Survey Company Complaints on Survey Police

In my opinion,a complaint form was the most effective way to solve problems when nobody was responsing your inquire and some survey panels' customer service guys could make you feel really bad.There is a list of complaints filed against online survey companies by SurveyPolice users. These complaints are shown for information purposes only and in no way represent the actual number of complaints an individual survey company receives in total from its panelists. Personal information including full names and account numbers have been omitted by SurveyPolice for privacy reasons.
If you are a member of an online survey panel and have a complaint you have already tried to resolve by contacting the survey company directly, but have not received a satisfactory response (or none at all), please go ahead and use our free service and file a complaint through us. Please note however, that we do not guarantee a satisfactory resolution, but we will certainly try our best.
It doesn't work,what should I do?

If Survey Police didn't resolve your complaint,and you were convinced that your survey panel was a scam,OK,you need to contact BBB now.

Order Your Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard Step by Step

Do you wanna get a Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard online for free?
Do you still have no idea about how to register one or seek for those registrable links ceaselessly?

Ok,you need this article.

Today I'm gonna tell you the best way to get a payoneer prepaid debit mastercard online.It will cost you nothing but a little time.And all you need to do is just FOLLOW ME!

Step.1 Create your account
Vist The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk and Click Create an Account on the upper-right corner.Then we choose ''.Please fill the fields to start your application process.

When you finish,you can
  1. Verify your email address
  2. Fill out contact information
  3. Complete your oDesk Profile
  4. Accept the oDesk Marketplace User Agreement
Please Complete all of those 4 steps to access your oDesk account successfully.

Step.2 Login
After login,you need to visit My oDesk =>>Billing & Payments =>>Payment Methods.And you will get the link to register your own oDesk Debit MasterCard.All you need to do now is finishing your registration via that link.Please be careful,you'd better use the same name(your real name) when you order your payoneer prepaid debit card.
50% off Business Cards
Step.3 Check your mailbox
Payoneer will send you an e-mail with the subject of 'Your request is being processed' immediately.And when they approved your application,another e-mail notification would be sent to you.Then they will mail your MasterCard to you in 1-2 business days.


For more information,you can search payoneer on our blog.

Paid Surveys via Paypal(Payment Proof Included)!!

I guess you guys must have found those paid survey panels for several years,lols...And today I'm Gonna Show U the Payment Proof!There are four panels which definitely pay people via Paypal.The reason why I tell you that is based on our experience and we have gotten paid for many times.

No.1 Greenfield Online
Since 1994, Greenfield Online has been providing consumers, like you, with the ability to voice their opinions by participating in online research surveys and focus groups.
You can sign up here or just send me an e-mail to get the invitation link via

No.2 Esearch, Inc. has provided on-line market research since 1995. The company was one of the first to develop an online research panel... and it continues to be one of the best. Our panelists have provided opinions on everything from food items to political scandals - and many other products and services in-between.
You can sign up here.

No.3 Surveys (GFK) is an online community operated by GfK. GfK is a top-ten market research company, uniting some of the most renowned US and European research firms into a single global organization.

The purpose of the online community is to provide reliable and accurate information to business leaders and government officials about the products and services they provide consumers.

By joining our consumer panel you will be in a position to contribute to the decision-making process, plus you will be rewarded for your thoughts and insight with cash rewards.
You can sign up here or request an e-mail invitation link via

No.4 Resonance Research

At Resonance Research, we want to know how you feel about products, services, politics, social issues, and more. If you have opinions to share and are over 18, please join our team.

For product surveys, we generally offer rewards of $3 - $5. The reward for surveys about social issues is often simply the chance to speak out - and to learn about the results.

Our surveys are unique and enjoyable, and you can depend on us to pay any promised incentives for successfully completed surveys. Members of our team receive email invitations to participate.
You can sign up here.

If you know other panels which pay their panelists via Paypal,please feel free to share with us.

When you singup for Paypal,you can start accepting credit card payments instantly.As the world's leading online payment service,Paypal is a fast way to open your doors to over 150 million member accounts worldwide.Best of all,it's completely free to sign up.
To sign up or learn more,click here.

Opinion Outpost Review

First of all,you should keep in mind that Opinion Outpost is a licensee member of the TRUSTe Privacy Program. TRUSTe is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices. And Opinion Outpost's privacy statement covers its site Opinion Outpost is committed to privacy and demonstrates that commitment by disclosing its information and privacy practices for review by and in accordance with TRUSTe standards and policies.Which means the information you give to Opinion Outpost is extremely secure and can be removed if you decide to cancel your account.

Then let's know something special.Opinion Outpost is an amazing paid survey / market research company. It's owned and operated by a market research firm called Western Wats. Both companies are located in Orem, UT and are mostly staffed by college students.Opinion Outpost works in a similar fashion to most paid survey companies, it releases semi-targeted invitations to surveys based on your profile surveys.

It was started in early 2005, sometime during the month of February and has seen tremendous growth since late in 2005. Most of the growth that Opinion Outpost has enjoyed is due to their affiliate promoting the company. And it has well over 1,000,000 active panelists taking surveys for them on a monthly basis.Usually,you answer a few demographic questions for the company Opinion Outpost is connecting you to for demographic purposes and you will either be accepted or rejected for the survey. Before taking the surveys Opinion Outpost tells you how many "Opinion Points" you will earn, which are each worth $.10

They pay each member cash for taking surveys. You can request a check after earning $5, unlike most companies that have a minimum cash out of $30. There is also no processing fee for the check, so whatever you have when you cash out you will receive in the mail. It says it will be sent in 4-8 weeks, but their staff prints and stuffs checks on a weekly basis.

Opinion Outpost will send surveys to your email account depending on the responses to the profiles you are asked to fill out. The more complete and up to date your profiles are, the more surveys you will receive. Plan on getting at least 10-15 paid surveys from Opinion Outpost on a monthly basis.The surveys typically pay around $3 each for a 15 minute survey so it is considered to be one of the most lucrative online surveys companies.

It is a pretty good company to take surveys for. You are guaranteed to make money with this company, unlike some others. They are honest and has integrity,so we would definitely recommend this company to you guys.

A typical e-mail reminder you will receive from Opinion Outpost would be looked like that:

Survey from Opinion Outpost for Greenfield! - 36064087

Greenfield Online is hosting this survey. You will be directed to their site.

This survey should take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

If you qualify and complete this survey, then you will earn 80 Opinion Points!

This survey will re-direct back to our site where you must enter your email address to validate your participation and receive any Opinion Points. You will ONLY be awarded Opinion Points for a survey if you qualify and complete it.

To participate in the survey, simply click on the link below (or paste the link into your browser):******

You may also participate by visiting and going into the ‘Members Area’. Once there click on ‘Available Surveys’ and select the survey number specified on the subject line of this e-mail.

We hope to hear your opinion soon!

Opinion Outpost
Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you have difficulties participating in this survey, comments, or questions then please click on this link for assistance:

This email was intended for the recipient who registered to be a member of Opinion Outpost. If you no longer wish to participate in surveys, then simply click on the link below:

You may also write or call us at:
Opinion Outpost
Attn: Panel Administrator
701 East Timpanogos Parkway
Building M
Orem, UT 84097 USA


Nielsen//NetRatings Reviews

Nielsen//NetRatings Internet Panel.

Get paid cash to travel the worldwide web

For over 50 years, Nielsen family members have been influential in determining the popularity of television programming. Now you have the opportunity to help us chart the course of the worldwide web of tomorrow. As part of a select group, you're invited to join our online panel - helping us gain valuable insight into internet trends and behavior.

How rewarding is it to travel with Nielsen//NetRatings?

  • Guaranteed cash for your on-going participation
  • The opportunity to win over 1,500 instant prizes
  • The chance to win $10,000 and possibly take a trip of a lifetime
Signing up is quick and easy.

We have listed something you should know about this company.And the future information can help people identify such a huge corporation won't be a scam.

A Global Leader in Internet Media and Market Research

Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, delivers comprehensive, independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior, and includes products previously marketed under the Nielsen//NetRatings and Nielsen BuzzMetrics brands. With high quality, technology-driven products and services, Nielsen Online enables clients to make informed business decisions regarding their Internet and digital strategies.

Nielsen//NetRatings services define the global standard in online audience measurement. You can rely on the syndicated, customized media and market research to stay informed about your competition, understand your audience and engage your customer. Each service-tailored to a particular research need-features online data delivery 24x7; timely, written analytical reports; and one-on-one consultations with their industry analysts.

By the way,we wanna you also know something about ACNielsen, a VNU company, Which is the world's leading marketing information company. With 21,000 employees worldwide offering services in more than 100 countries, ACNielsen provides market research, information, analysis and insights to the consumer products and service industries. Clients rely on ACNielsen's market research, proprietary products, analytical tools and professional service to understand competitive performance, uncover new opportunities and to raise the profitability of their marketing and sales campaigns. (ACNielsen is a Marketing Intelligence Service of The Nielsen Company)

Ok,let's go to the point.

For over 50 years, Nielsen Media Research and the Nielsen Television Family have helped to shape the programming and trends of today's TV. Now you can join Nielsen//NetRatings Internet Panel and help to chart the course of the world wide web of tomorrow. To join, just fill out your household profile and complete the installation of their Internet Panel software. Then use your computer and the internet as you normally would. Netratings value your privacy and it is safe to install their software. As a member of the panel, you get guaranteed cash for your on-going participation, the opportunity to win over 1,500 instant prizes and the chance to win $10,000 or a trip of a lifetime.All Nielsen//NetRatings panel members, who join now, will receive $5.00 for every 3 months of panel activity.

Join the Nielsen//NetRatings Research Panel and you can be one of 1,500 instant winners just for joining.

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake has rattled Los Angeles, California

God Bless America!
What a sad day today~A magnitude 5.8 earthquake has rattled Los Angeles, California~What can we do now?

Will San Francisco be OK?

!!!!Oh,my God!!!!

How did this guy earn $1000+ in 5 months!!

I know this guy from GreenfieldOnline community.And he was quite good at working on paid surveys.Now,let me share his story with you guys.

And you can check the original resources here.

LapisLee started taking paid online surveys on february 17th with GreenfieldOnline panel.And today is July 28th.LapisLee generated the total mount of $1042+ on his own hands.

This is the story he will tell us.

My Systematic Approach To Surveys

It has now been 30 days since I started taking paid online surveys. Working from a Master List of over 700+ survey sites, I have eliminated all Paid-Trial-Offer (PTO) sites, survey directory sites, that require you to pay for a list of survey sites that are available free elsewhere, and most of the surveys that pay only in points that cannot be converted to cash, only gift cards or coupons. Currently I have 28 sites that I have confidence in continuing to work with.

Bearing in mind that some sites I have only joined in the past few days and others I have yet to qualify (or be sent) a survey, my total so far is $58.02, with an undetermined number of paid surveys still not showing that I have completed. I have seven sites that only pay in points of varying conversion rates, five sites that I have a $0.00 balance and one site that does not keep track of earnings for its members.

By far the most interesting is the survey which led to my being paid $8 and being invited to join a forum discussion of universal healthcare. Whomever is judged to have the best posts and most interactions wins $80 with a chance to move on to further forum discussions. There is a sister forum group discussing prayer that we are allowed to observe without posting. So far, I have 11 fairly involved posts, out of 65 total, with several members replying to my posts. This forum ends on March 24.

What I have learned so far is to get a dedicated email just for surveys (Gmail is best). Fill out all of the screeners that are available on each survey site completely to ensure you get the maximum amount of surveys. Also, do not wait for the surveys to come to your email, but check the higher paying sites for available surveys and when paid email surveys do show up, click on them immediately. Final advice: be as creative as possible, without compromising your own personal degree of integrity, in answering surveys. I believe that survey sites want not only honest answers, but answers from people that fit the demographic for that particular product and who are well-informed on the product.

Above all, never give any site your credit card unless you either A) really want the product or B) carefully record the cancellation information and date by which you must cancel. I tried all three credit check sites and cancelled in a timely fashion. I signed up for NetFlix and will probably keep that as $9.95 per month for unlimited DVDs with no late fees and no shipping fees because it will probably save me money in the long run, especially since I convinced my girlfriend to go in half. Wink

PS: I joined Greenfield Online on February 17, I have taken over 100 surveys, qualified for 22, earned 19 sweepstakes entries, two 'project open's and $1.

And the next part was about his total revenue.

It has been six months since I started taking paid online surveys on February 1, 2008 although I did not join many of these sites until March and April. I spend an average of two to three hours per day taking surveys. Here are the amounts that I have earned from 37 paid online survey sites (and one Get Paid to Try company - GPT). I just earned $30 from a Greenfield Invoke Interactive moving them into 5th place. As you can see there are quite a few survey sites that pay much less than Greenfield, not to mention the 800+ that are known scams.

1. SS $162.00 ($147 rec’d - received)
2. OO $106.20 ($20 po) ($80.00 rec’d)
3. TTC $86.25 (GPT) ($100 pay out point - po)
4. ID $66.28 ($30 po) ($64.20 rec'd minus $6 processing fees)
5. Greenfield Online $63.50 (PayPal) ($63.50 rec'd)
6. NV $56.00 ($56 rec'd)
7. GTM $52.25 ($10 po) (points) ($52.25 rec'd)
8. YFS $44.15 ($30 po) (PayPal) ($30.00 rec’d)<<<<<<<<<<<$$$
9. SE $38.74 ($30 po) ($27.04 req'd) (minus $3 processing fee)
10. VO $29.90 ($20 po) (Amazon gift certificates - gc) ($20 rec'd)
11. MS $25.80 (points) ($20.00 rec'd)
12. DSP $24.50 (points) (PayPal) ($22.00 rec'd)
13. Y2C $23.00 ($19 rec'd)
14. GOP $22.78 12,780 (5000 = $5 po) (points) ($21.40 rec'd)
15. Grb $20 ($20 req'd)
16. K $20 ($10 Amazon gc) ($20 rec’d)
17. SF $20.00 ($10 po) ($10 rec'd)
18. HCD $18.30 ($10 po) (points) ($12.60 rec'd)
19. ACO $18.00 (PayPal) ($18 rec’d)
20. CV $16.00 (Amazon gc) ($10 rec'd)
21. LS $15.25 15250 (500 = $5 po) (points) ($10 rec'd)
22. BB $13.00 ($13 rec’d)
23. PR $12.00 ($12 rec’d)
24. COf (by invitation only) $10.00 (Amazon gc) ($10 rec'd)
25. EP $10.00 6750 (6750 = $10 Amazon gc) (points) ($10 rec'd)
26. MBI $10.00 (1100 = $10)
27. SS $9.00 ($10 po) ($8.50 req'd)
28. GN $6.06 303 points (2000 points = $20)
29. BI $4.00 ($4 rec'd)
30. MF $4.00 ($10 po)
31. JB £1.25 = $2.50
32. SE $2.11 1900 points (4500 points = $5) ($5 Amazon gc)
33. i.t_i $2.00
34. HP $1.67 260 points (800 points = $5) (PayPal)
35. DA $1.10 110 points (1000 points = $10)
36. FF $1.00
37. S.c $1.00
38. Dtg $0.62 80 points (1293 Points = $10 Amazon gc)

Earned: $1042.85
Received: $837.85
Last updated: July 25, 2008

How do you think about it?In my opinion,that's $mart!