Our Paypal Account is Restored

the first page we have seen when they restored our account
We're especially fond of Paypal, as our revenue has risen up to $265 in 5 months.We also fought against their terms sometimes.Anyway,the good news was we could solve those 'open cases' with them peacefully at last.

Six months ago,we set up our premier account.Unfortunately,Paypal guys limited our account access on April 17th.We are not about to tell you the reason why they do that,but we wanna share our story with you guys.And we believe it would be helpful when some people do really want to 'fight against' Paypal's ridiculous TOS,lols...

Actually,I was too angry to contact their customer service,and I didn't understand why they treated us like that.We only have little money on our account at that time.

However,I wrote them e-mails to claim we're innocent.They didn't trust us and insisted that we should provide our credit card info and some other evidences to prove our natural existence.And that made me crazzzy!So I called them bastards and fu(king idiots.Wow...I'm little foolhardy,right?But that's OK,because Paypal guys also lost their tempers,and I'm glad to provoke them.

The result of my
disrespectful behaviour was they finally decided to limit my account for 180 days and I could request a check on Oct. 22nd.

Then I just let it go.I still receive my payments via this limited Paypal account.

3 months later,I received my prepaid debit MasterCard from Payoneer.Because I got in trouble when I tried to add this Payoneer MasterCard,I contacted Paypal's customer service again.They asked me to change my passwords and security questions and answers to restore my account this time.All I needed to do is just 'Change Passwords and Security Questions and Answers'!!Then I just did that!And my Paypal account was really restored!

By the way,the reason why I cannot add Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard to our limited Paypal account was not Payoneer card's fault.That depended on Paypal's security system.Maybe I just missed the final date.And next post we will discuss on the Payoneer project and tell people how to verify their Paypal account with Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard.


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You must be a tough guy,lols...