[Tips]Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a paid survey?
A survey, or "market research survey", is a series of questions that are presented to either an individual, or group of individuals, to see how they perceive and respond to certain products or services. For instance, athletic equipment may be marketed towards a younger, physically active demographic, while luxury cars might be marketed towards a higher income demographic. Paid surveys are where the person taking the survey is paid as compensation for his/her time and opinion. Such compensation may be cash, prizes or sweepstakes.

What is a focus group?
A focus group is another type of survey where a group of individuals are invited to discuss a certain topic related to the company that sponsors the focus group. You may or may not know the point of the discussion and they are often hosted by a moderator that will guide the discussion. These focus groups can be held at a physical location or online and usually lasts between 30 minutes to 2 hours. The compensation is usually higher - $50+ (depending on the topic and time involved).

Why would businesses pay me?
Because your time is worth their money! Companies spend hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars on advertising for new and/or existing products and services. These "advertising campaigns" can sometimes be a complete waste of time and money if the company does not research the market that they are trying to capture. So it makes sense for a company to see how it's products or services are received by the public, before it invests the money and time on advertising.

How/what/when do I get paid?
Compensation from survey companies can range from $1 up to $75 per survey, and most surveys take around 6-15 minutes to complete. There are some companies that offer points for completing a survey, and those points can then be redeemed for gift certificates, merchandise, cash and prizes. No matter what the compensation, all legitimate survey companies will tell you up front, before you begin the survey, what the compensation will be. There is no limit to how many surveys you can take - the more you take, the more you earn. Payment is usually made through check, PayPal, or directly to bank account.

Am I eligible/suitable for paid surveys?
Paid surveys are suitable for EVERYONE over 13 (18 for some sites). When you register with a market research company, you will typically fill out a profile of your demographics, which is then used to determine what surveys and focus groups you will be invited to participate in. Certain demographics may receive more invitations than other, but in the end, the more sites you sign up with the more surveys you will receive.

What kinds of questions are asked on paid surveys?
Questions usually involve your opinion on typical everyday products like soft drinks, cars, software, shampoos, etc. Personal questions such as income are usually not asked. Even when they are, a 'prefer not to say' option is included.

Will I be ever required to pay to take an online survey?
No! You will NEVER be asked to pay ANYTHING. Legitimate research companies will NEVER ask for an 'entry fee' because they earn their money from businesses, not you.

Why should I take paid surveys rather than paid-to-click/online investment/affiliate selling etc?
Paid surveys is easy, risk-free, flexible and TOTALLY FREE. Now the same can't be said for any other methods of earning money online. Paid surveys strikes the perfect balance between being able to earn a reasonable amount and spending as little time as possible, all for the cost of nothing. Other methods usually involves significant time commitment or risking your money, or both. With paid surveys, you have no pressure whatsoever, and earn only when you want to.

I heard that paid survey programs are scams - Is it true?
As with anything online, there are scammers out there. Remember, legitimate paid survey companies will NEVER ask you for money. All sites reviewed by SurveysCenter are legitimate, paying and totally free.