Opinion Outpost Review

First of all,you should keep in mind that Opinion Outpost is a licensee member of the TRUSTe Privacy Program. TRUSTe is an independent, non-profit organization whose mission is to build users' trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices. And Opinion Outpost's privacy statement covers its site www.OpinionOutpost.com. Opinion Outpost is committed to privacy and demonstrates that commitment by disclosing its information and privacy practices for review by and in accordance with TRUSTe standards and policies.Which means the information you give to Opinion Outpost is extremely secure and can be removed if you decide to cancel your account.

Then let's know something special.Opinion Outpost is an amazing paid survey / market research company. It's owned and operated by a market research firm called Western Wats. Both companies are located in Orem, UT and are mostly staffed by college students.Opinion Outpost works in a similar fashion to most paid survey companies, it releases semi-targeted invitations to surveys based on your profile surveys.

It was started in early 2005, sometime during the month of February and has seen tremendous growth since late in 2005. Most of the growth that Opinion Outpost has enjoyed is due to their affiliate promoting the company. And it has well over 1,000,000 active panelists taking surveys for them on a monthly basis.Usually,you answer a few demographic questions for the company Opinion Outpost is connecting you to for demographic purposes and you will either be accepted or rejected for the survey. Before taking the surveys Opinion Outpost tells you how many "Opinion Points" you will earn, which are each worth $.10

They pay each member cash for taking surveys. You can request a check after earning $5, unlike most companies that have a minimum cash out of $30. There is also no processing fee for the check, so whatever you have when you cash out you will receive in the mail. It says it will be sent in 4-8 weeks, but their staff prints and stuffs checks on a weekly basis.

Opinion Outpost will send surveys to your email account depending on the responses to the profiles you are asked to fill out. The more complete and up to date your profiles are, the more surveys you will receive. Plan on getting at least 10-15 paid surveys from Opinion Outpost on a monthly basis.The surveys typically pay around $3 each for a 15 minute survey so it is considered to be one of the most lucrative online surveys companies.

It is a pretty good company to take surveys for. You are guaranteed to make money with this company, unlike some others. They are honest and has integrity,so we would definitely recommend this company to you guys.

A typical e-mail reminder you will receive from Opinion Outpost would be looked like that:

Survey from Opinion Outpost for Greenfield! - 36064087

Greenfield Online is hosting this survey. You will be directed to their site.

This survey should take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

If you qualify and complete this survey, then you will earn 80 Opinion Points!

This survey will re-direct back to our site where you must enter your email address to validate your participation and receive any Opinion Points. You will ONLY be awarded Opinion Points for a survey if you qualify and complete it.

To participate in the survey, simply click on the link below (or paste the link into your browser):


You may also participate by visiting www.OpinionOutpost.com and going into the ‘Members Area’. Once there click on ‘Available Surveys’ and select the survey number specified on the subject line of this e-mail.

We hope to hear your opinion soon!

Opinion Outpost
Please do not reply to this e-mail. If you have difficulties participating in this survey, comments, or questions then please click on this link for assistance:

This email was intended for the recipient who registered to be a member of Opinion Outpost. If you no longer wish to participate in surveys, then simply click on the link below: https://www.opinionoutpost.com/optout.php

You may also write or call us at:
Opinion Outpost
Attn: Panel Administrator
701 East Timpanogos Parkway
Building M
Orem, UT 84097 USA


Nielsen//NetRatings Reviews

Nielsen//NetRatings Internet Panel.

Get paid cash to travel the worldwide web

For over 50 years, Nielsen family members have been influential in determining the popularity of television programming. Now you have the opportunity to help us chart the course of the worldwide web of tomorrow. As part of a select group, you're invited to join our online panel - helping us gain valuable insight into internet trends and behavior.

How rewarding is it to travel with Nielsen//NetRatings?

  • Guaranteed cash for your on-going participation
  • The opportunity to win over 1,500 instant prizes
  • The chance to win $10,000 and possibly take a trip of a lifetime
Signing up is quick and easy.

We have listed something you should know about this company.And the future information can help people identify such a huge corporation won't be a scam.

A Global Leader in Internet Media and Market Research

Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, delivers comprehensive, independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior, and includes products previously marketed under the Nielsen//NetRatings and Nielsen BuzzMetrics brands. With high quality, technology-driven products and services, Nielsen Online enables clients to make informed business decisions regarding their Internet and digital strategies.

Nielsen//NetRatings services define the global standard in online audience measurement. You can rely on the syndicated, customized media and market research to stay informed about your competition, understand your audience and engage your customer. Each service-tailored to a particular research need-features online data delivery 24x7; timely, written analytical reports; and one-on-one consultations with their industry analysts.

By the way,we wanna you also know something about ACNielsen, a VNU company, Which is the world's leading marketing information company. With 21,000 employees worldwide offering services in more than 100 countries, ACNielsen provides market research, information, analysis and insights to the consumer products and service industries. Clients rely on ACNielsen's market research, proprietary products, analytical tools and professional service to understand competitive performance, uncover new opportunities and to raise the profitability of their marketing and sales campaigns. (ACNielsen is a Marketing Intelligence Service of The Nielsen Company)

Ok,let's go to the point.

For over 50 years, Nielsen Media Research and the Nielsen Television Family have helped to shape the programming and trends of today's TV. Now you can join Nielsen//NetRatings Internet Panel and help to chart the course of the world wide web of tomorrow. To join, just fill out your household profile and complete the installation of their Internet Panel software. Then use your computer and the internet as you normally would. Netratings value your privacy and it is safe to install their software. As a member of the panel, you get guaranteed cash for your on-going participation, the opportunity to win over 1,500 instant prizes and the chance to win $10,000 or a trip of a lifetime.All Nielsen//NetRatings panel members, who join now, will receive $5.00 for every 3 months of panel activity.

Join the Nielsen//NetRatings Research Panel and you can be one of 1,500 instant winners just for joining.

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake has rattled Los Angeles, California

God Bless America!
What a sad day today~A magnitude 5.8 earthquake has rattled Los Angeles, California~What can we do now?

Will San Francisco be OK?

!!!!Oh,my God!!!!

How did this guy earn $1000+ in 5 months!!

I know this guy from GreenfieldOnline community.And he was quite good at working on paid surveys.Now,let me share his story with you guys.

And you can check the original resources here.

LapisLee started taking paid online surveys on february 17th with GreenfieldOnline panel.And today is July 28th.LapisLee generated the total mount of $1042+ on his own hands.

This is the story he will tell us.

My Systematic Approach To Surveys

It has now been 30 days since I started taking paid online surveys. Working from a Master List of over 700+ survey sites, I have eliminated all Paid-Trial-Offer (PTO) sites, survey directory sites, that require you to pay for a list of survey sites that are available free elsewhere, and most of the surveys that pay only in points that cannot be converted to cash, only gift cards or coupons. Currently I have 28 sites that I have confidence in continuing to work with.

Bearing in mind that some sites I have only joined in the past few days and others I have yet to qualify (or be sent) a survey, my total so far is $58.02, with an undetermined number of paid surveys still not showing that I have completed. I have seven sites that only pay in points of varying conversion rates, five sites that I have a $0.00 balance and one site that does not keep track of earnings for its members.

By far the most interesting is the survey which led to my being paid $8 and being invited to join a forum discussion of universal healthcare. Whomever is judged to have the best posts and most interactions wins $80 with a chance to move on to further forum discussions. There is a sister forum group discussing prayer that we are allowed to observe without posting. So far, I have 11 fairly involved posts, out of 65 total, with several members replying to my posts. This forum ends on March 24.

What I have learned so far is to get a dedicated email just for surveys (Gmail is best). Fill out all of the screeners that are available on each survey site completely to ensure you get the maximum amount of surveys. Also, do not wait for the surveys to come to your email, but check the higher paying sites for available surveys and when paid email surveys do show up, click on them immediately. Final advice: be as creative as possible, without compromising your own personal degree of integrity, in answering surveys. I believe that survey sites want not only honest answers, but answers from people that fit the demographic for that particular product and who are well-informed on the product.

Above all, never give any site your credit card unless you either A) really want the product or B) carefully record the cancellation information and date by which you must cancel. I tried all three credit check sites and cancelled in a timely fashion. I signed up for NetFlix and will probably keep that as $9.95 per month for unlimited DVDs with no late fees and no shipping fees because it will probably save me money in the long run, especially since I convinced my girlfriend to go in half. Wink

PS: I joined Greenfield Online on February 17, I have taken over 100 surveys, qualified for 22, earned 19 sweepstakes entries, two 'project open's and $1.

And the next part was about his total revenue.

It has been six months since I started taking paid online surveys on February 1, 2008 although I did not join many of these sites until March and April. I spend an average of two to three hours per day taking surveys. Here are the amounts that I have earned from 37 paid online survey sites (and one Get Paid to Try company - GPT). I just earned $30 from a Greenfield Invoke Interactive moving them into 5th place. As you can see there are quite a few survey sites that pay much less than Greenfield, not to mention the 800+ that are known scams.

1. SS $162.00 ($147 rec’d - received)
2. OO $106.20 ($20 po) ($80.00 rec’d)
3. TTC $86.25 (GPT) ($100 pay out point - po)
4. ID $66.28 ($30 po) ($64.20 rec'd minus $6 processing fees)
5. Greenfield Online $63.50 (PayPal) ($63.50 rec'd)
6. NV $56.00 ($56 rec'd)
7. GTM $52.25 ($10 po) (points) ($52.25 rec'd)
8. YFS $44.15 ($30 po) (PayPal) ($30.00 rec’d)<<<<<<<<<<<$$$
9. SE $38.74 ($30 po) ($27.04 req'd) (minus $3 processing fee)
10. VO $29.90 ($20 po) (Amazon gift certificates - gc) ($20 rec'd)
11. MS $25.80 (points) ($20.00 rec'd)
12. DSP $24.50 (points) (PayPal) ($22.00 rec'd)
13. Y2C $23.00 ($19 rec'd)
14. GOP $22.78 12,780 (5000 = $5 po) (points) ($21.40 rec'd)
15. Grb $20 ($20 req'd)
16. K $20 ($10 Amazon gc) ($20 rec’d)
17. SF $20.00 ($10 po) ($10 rec'd)
18. HCD $18.30 ($10 po) (points) ($12.60 rec'd)
19. ACO $18.00 (PayPal) ($18 rec’d)
20. CV $16.00 (Amazon gc) ($10 rec'd)
21. LS $15.25 15250 (500 = $5 po) (points) ($10 rec'd)
22. BB $13.00 ($13 rec’d)
23. PR $12.00 ($12 rec’d)
24. COf (by invitation only) $10.00 (Amazon gc) ($10 rec'd)
25. EP $10.00 6750 (6750 = $10 Amazon gc) (points) ($10 rec'd)
26. MBI $10.00 (1100 = $10)
27. SS $9.00 ($10 po) ($8.50 req'd)
28. GN $6.06 303 points (2000 points = $20)
29. BI $4.00 ($4 rec'd)
30. MF $4.00 ($10 po)
31. JB £1.25 = $2.50
32. SE $2.11 1900 points (4500 points = $5) ($5 Amazon gc)
33. i.t_i $2.00
34. HP $1.67 260 points (800 points = $5) (PayPal)
35. DA $1.10 110 points (1000 points = $10)
36. FF $1.00
37. S.c $1.00
38. Dtg $0.62 80 points (1293 Points = $10 Amazon gc)

Earned: $1042.85
Received: $837.85
Last updated: July 25, 2008

How do you think about it?In my opinion,that's $mart!

Let me Show you My Payoneer Prepaid Debit MarsterCard

Just as I have promised in the previous post,now I will show you guys my prepaid payoneer debit mastercard.This pic was taken from my web camera and it's not clear enough.That's because I wanna keep my privacy as a secret.lols...

Ok,here it is.
I have ordered 5 cards,and they approved 4,and there's another problem which caused some incidents.I don't use the same address when I apply for the first Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard.And my order was missing.So I asked them to mail it to me again,and they approved again.That's so sweet.

I also contact their customer service with LivepersonChat(the Live Assistance coin on Contact Us page).Those people are quite SLOWLY when they are working on a project,but that's ok.They can help you figure out troubles.

Recently,we came across some problems with ClearVoiceSurveys.We found that some people's account were unable to access correctly,and their servers might return the message 'Incorrect User Name/Password'.We tried to contact Clearvoicesurveys,but no person responsed on this issue.And we will keep on paying close attention to it.

That's all I wanna share with you guys today.

Getting and using a Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® is easy.

About the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard®

Who is Payoneer?
Payoneer markets, manages and services prepaid MasterCard® cards. Payoneer works together with the Royal Bank of Scotland and the First Bank of Delaware to issue and process our cards. A leader in offering prepaid solutions for online applications, Payoneer has offices in New York and Tel Aviv. For more about Payoneer, go to About Us.

How does the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card work?
The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card works just like any other MasterCard® card. The card is accepted at all locations worldwide, where MasterCard® is accepted electronically. You can use it at a point of sale location to make purchases and at an ATM to withdraw cash.

With the added security of choosing your own PIN, you can be assured of no unauthorized use of your card.

Who can get a Prepaid MasterCard® card?
Anyone over the age of 13, with or without a bank account and with a mailing address in the United States can receive the Prepaid MasterCard® card provided by Payoneer .

If I receive a Prepaid MasterCard®, what am I committed to?
Nothing. You can use the card to obtain cash for your funds, use it in stores or online. If you decide to use the card, it can be loaded and used multiple times. Once the money on the card is depleted, and your card has a zero balance for 30 days, the card will automatically be deactivated and you have no further obligations with respect to the card.

What happens to my card if I don't use it?
The card has maintenance fees associated with it, and they decremented from your available balance. Once the card value is depleted and remains at a zero balance for 60 consecutive days, it will be closed, even if it sooner than the expiration term shown on the card.

What are the costs associated with the card?
Please visit our pricing section, , to view the card use and loading fees.

Using your card

Who can use the card?
The cardholder is the person whose name is imprinted on the card. This is the person to whom the card was issued and the named person is the only authorized user of the card.

Where can the card be used?
The Prepaid MasterCard® can be used worldwide at any retail establishment and/or online store that accepts MasterCard®, to place mail/telephone orders when a MasterCard® is an acceptable means of payment and to withdraw cash at ATMs.

How does an ATM work?
The ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) may let you obtain funds available on your card. ATM networks consist of many providers. To determine if your card can be used at a particular ATM, look for the logo on the back of the card. If the logo is also located on the ATM, your card can be used at that ATM.

Withdrawal limits at ATMs may vary since they are set by the bank issuing the card as well as the company operating the individual ATM device (knows as the ATM acquirer). For example, although the bank may establish your daily withdrawal limit at $400, the ATM you choose may be limited by the ATM acquirer to providing $300 only. Various factors, such as financials, banking or government regulations, result in different requirements in different countries.

How do I find an ATM?
Click on this link to view available ATM’s on MasterCard International’s site: http://www.mastercard.com/us/personal/en/cardholderservices/atmlocations/index.html

The ATM gives me choices of multiple accounts to choose from to withdraw money, which one should I choose?
Options ATM’s may display are:
Credit Card / Debit Card / Savings / Current / Checking
The choice should be “Current” or “Checking”

Can I use the card on the internet?
The Prepaid MasterCard® may be used for online transactions wherever MasterCard® is an accepted form of payment.

Please note: We do not recommend using the card to register online for free trials because companies may start charging your card after the trial period and you will be responsible for such charges.

Can I use the card to buy gas?
We do not recommend this. If you pay at the pump, the gas station will place a pre-authorization hold on your card that will exceed the amount of gas you actually bought. This could lock up your funds. To prevent this, pay for your gasoline inside and utilize the debit pin pad to enter the exact dollar amount of gas you would like to buy, and only the actual purchase amount will be withdrawn from your card balance.

What is a pre-authorization hold?
A pre-authorization hold happens when a merchant places a hold on a certain amount of funds on your card to verify that you have sufficient funds to pay for the transaction. As an example, a restaurant may pre-authorize a set amount when you open a tab. In the event that your bill is less than the pre-authorized amount, those remaining funds may be held for a period of time prior to being released to your available balance. Similarly, a car rental company or hotel may hold the amount equal to one day’s rental or stay. Also, please note that gas stations generally perform pre-authorization holds for approximately $50 when you choose to pay at the pump with your card. If, however, you pay for the gas inside, only the actual purchase amount will be deducted from your card balance.

Note: The value of the pre-authorization hold amount may not be available to the cardholder for eight business days.

What happens to my card if I don't use it?
The card has maintenance fees associated with it, and they will be deducted from your available balance on a monthly basis. Once the card value is depleted and remains at a zero balance for sixty (60) consecutive days, the account will be closed even if such closure precedes the expiration date displayed on the card

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?
Contact us immediately to report a lost or stolen card.
A new card will be shipped to you, even while you are traveling.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the following telephone numbers:
Within the US: Outside the US:
1-800-477-5965 1-404-591-3350
You may also request a new card by calling:
Within the US: Outside the US:
1-800-251-2521 extension 2 1-847-461-1386 extension 2

How do I cancel the card and get any remaining funds back?
You may cancel your card, by sending an e-mail request to support@payoneer.com. If you choose to cancel your card, please remember to tell us the last 8 digits of your card and the name of the cardholder, as it appears on the card, and Payoneer will cancel the card.

Withdrawing any remaining funds on the card can be accomplished in two ways:
1. You may withdraw the remaining funds at an ATM; or, 2. Payoneer can issue a check in the name of the cardholder (or it can be issued to another person, upon your request). The check will be mailed to the cardholder address as it appears in our files. A fee of $5.00 is applicable for this service.

Can I try my Card without any money on it?
No, This can cause your card to be taken by the ATM. You can use your card only after you have funds loaded on the card.

Activating your card & managing your account

How do I activate my card?
To activate your card, please do the following:
  • Click on Activate on the Payoneer homepage.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Enter your UserName and Password you chose when your card was ordered.
  • Click on Activate Card
  • Enter your new PIN (must be 4 digits) and click submit.
  • You will receive a message from Payoneer, immediately indicating the result of the change.
  • Your card is active upon successfully completing the PIN Change.
    Note: Do not use it unless funds are loaded. Some ATM will eat your card, if you use it without any funds available.
What is a PIN?
A PIN is a Personal Identification Number chosen by the cardholder. The PIN will be required to perform an ATM or point of sale transaction.

How do I change my PIN?
  • Click on My Account.
  • Enter the UserID and Password you chose when your card was ordered.
  • Select the option to Change PIN
  • Enter the information requested and your new personal four digit PIN.
  • Click Continue. Payoneer will display a confirmation message and send an e-mail when you have successfully changed the PIN.
What do I do if I forget my PIN?
The PIN is your confidential code. It is not maintained by our system. If you forget your PIN, please contact us to verify information you provided when you applied for the card, and our security department can consider resetting the PIN.

How do I check my balance?
To check the balance of funds on your card and to see your transaction history, please do the following:
  • Click on My Account.
  • Enter the UserID and Password you chose when your card was ordered.
  • Select the option to view your balance.
Why isn’t my balance what I think it should be?
At times your card balance may not match the purchases shown on your account for one of two reasons:

1. Same day transactions do not appear on your account, but the amount is deducted from the available balance. The transactions will generally appear on your account the following day.


2. There may be an outstanding authorization for a purchase that was made, but the merchant has not collected its money yet. This type of transaction will only show on your account after the merchant has collected its money. In the meantime, the money is held from your account, ready to be paid to the merchant. For example, this may happen for internet or mail/phone order purchases. The merchant may settle the money when they ship the order, rather than on the day the order was placed. In this case, the funds are marked for the merchant and deducted from the balance, but will only show on the account when the bank actually pays the merchant for your purchase. This process could take a minimum of eight days to clear.

Loading your card

Who can load money onto a Prepaid MasterCard® card?
Anyone over the age of 18 can load the card with funds transferred from a bank account or a credit or debit card. For more details, see below.

How does money get loaded onto my Prepaid MasterCard®?
Your Prepaid MasterCard® can be loaded by other credit or debit cards (Visa® or MasterCard®), electronic checks, or cash. For specific instructions go to www.payoneer.com or see the FAQs below.

What are loading and spending limits on the card?
Payoneer provides cards to support different program types. Our prepaid Travel card is allowed a total limit of $5000 with a daily loading limit of $1000. A daily spending limit is set at $2,500. Our prepaid Payout card is available only through approved corporate customers. This card allowed a total limit of $12,500 with a loading limit that is established with each customer. A daily spending limit is set at $2,500. Our prepaid CashLynk card is allowed a total limit of $3000 with a daily loading limit of $1000. A daily and weekly spending limit is set at $600.

How do I actually load money onto the card?
To load money onto your Prepaid MasterCard®, please do the following:
  • Click on Load Money.
  • Enter the UserID and Password you chose when your card was ordered.
  • Enter the Cardholder e-mail address or the card number.
  • Choose the payment method you wish to use.
  • Enter the information requested and click Continue.
Note: Payoneer authenticates all first time load attempts pursuant to regulatory and security requirements. For more information on the authentication process, see the FAQs below.

What is an authentication and why do I need to do it?
The U.S. Patriot Act is a Federal Law that requires financial services institutions to make all possible attempts to authenticate and validate an individual’s identity participating in their service. Payoneer’s authentication process has been designed to assist not only with this identification, but also to ensure the payment method is not being used by an unauthorized individual and to prevent potential fraud.

The authentication requires you to validate a small debit or credit that Payoneer will make to the mode of payment you have chosen. Each payment method requires its own unique authentication. The amount debited or credited as part of the authentication process is adjusted back to the Prepaid MasterCard® card once the process is complete.

The authentication amounts must be validated within a certain timeframe or we may be required to repeat the process. This information resides in an encrypted form and is completely secure.

I already authenticated with the last load, why do I need to do this again?
Each payment method requires its own unique authentication. You may be using a payment method which is different from the last time you loaded a card. If the method is the same, you may be using a different product. For example, if you selected a credit card as the payment method the last time you loaded your Prepaid MasterCard®, but subsequently use a different credit card to load your card, we will need to authenticate the use of the new credit card.

How do I load money using a bank transfer?
To load money using a bank transfer, please do the following:
  • Click on Load Money.
  • Enter the e-mail address used when signing up for the card or the sixteen digit Prepaid MasterCard® card number.
  • Click Continue and then click on Direct Bank Debit and Continue.
  • Enter the information requested. Continue until you get a confirmation message on your screen.
Payoneer will process the request to debit the money from the bank account provided. Once the funds are moved from your bank to ours, Payoneer will load your Prepaid MasterCard® card. This process takes approximately 5-7 business days.

You will also receive an e-mail confirming your load request from support@payoneer.com. Please add this address to your address book to ensure that this email will not be marked as spam.

Go to pricing, and scroll to the bottom of the table to Loading Option, to view the associated fees.

Which credit or debit cards can I use to load money?
You can use both Visa® and MasterCard® credit or debit cards to load money onto your Prepaid MasterCard®.

How do I load money using a credit or debit card?
To load money using a credit or debit card, please do the following:
  • Click on Load Money.
  • If this is your first load, enter the e-mail address used when signing up for the card or the sixteen digit Prepaid MasterCard® card number.
  • If this is your second load, enter the Loader User Id and password you received after the first load.
  • Click Continue and then select the credit or debit card you want to use (Visa® or MasterCard®).
  • Enter the information requested and continue until you get a confirmation message on your screen. Payoneer will load the funds to your Prepaid MasterCard® card within 2 business days.
You will also receive an e-mail confirming your load request from support@payoneer.com. Please add this address to your address book to ensure that this email will not be marked as spam.

Go to pricing, and scroll to the bottom of the table to Loading Option, to view the associated fees.

How do I load money using cash?
To load money using cash, please do the following:
  • Click on Load Money.
  • If this is your first load, enter the e-mail address used when signing up for the card or the sixteen digit Prepaid MasterCard® card number.
  • If it is your second load, enter the Loader User Id and password you received after the first load.
  • Click Continue and then click on Load Cash and Continue.
  • Enter the information requested. Continue until you get a confirmation message on your screen.
You will also receive an e-mail confirming your load request from support@payoneer.com. Please add this address to your address book to ensure that this email will not be marked as spam.

Go to pricing, and scroll to the bottom of the table to Loading Option, to view the associated fees.

Which banks participate in the cash loading option?
The following banks currently participate in the cash loading option:
  • U.S. Bank
  • Wachovia
  • Wells Fargo
  • Bank One/Chase (not available in NY, NJ and CT).
Can I load money using a money order?
No, this option is currently not available.

Can I do direct deposit onto my card with my paycheck?
Payoneer partners with corporate organizations to pay their employees. Please check with your employer to verify if they are a partner.

The Official Payoneer Prepaid Debit Card FAQ

What have happened during the past 15 days?

It's been a long time since our last update.We have experienced some problems on our network,but it's been already fixed.Now I wanna tell you something about our recent progress.What did we do,and what we will do.

What we have done.

The most important thing we have done in the past two weeks was WE HAVE SWITCHED TO LINUX!!Actually,I'm writing this post under the Fedora Distribution with Mozilla firefox 3.Maybe some people have no sense about the Linux stuffs,here is what I get from Fedora's official website:

Fedora 9. Make waves.

Fedora 9

What's new in Fedora 9? Read the release notes. >>

Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software. Fedora is always free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. It is built by people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project. The Fedora Project is open and anyone is welcome to join.

The Fedora Project is out front for you, leading the advancement of free, open software and content.

Learn more. >>

This distribution was the stablest one I have ever used and I believe it'll improve our performance on different respects,especially testing purpose.And we recommend you have a try.It's free.

And we have received the Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard® cards.I will post a picture of them as soon as possible.Then we activate one card for testing reason.And that's what we are doing now,it's just simple:We test it with ClearVoiceSurveys.com,and the money transfer will be done in the next week.When it works,we will write a tutorial on that.

Besides,we have finished a huge project that's really important to us.Based on the privacy terms,we cannot tell you any more details.

What we will do.

Recently,we are focusing our insight view on Opinion Outpost,and the review will be finished in the next 3-4 weeks.

Our official website is under progressing and it'll be done soon.Then we can supply customers with more competitive products.

OK,that's all I wanna tell you guys today.