How did this guy earn $1000+ in 5 months!!

I know this guy from GreenfieldOnline community.And he was quite good at working on paid surveys.Now,let me share his story with you guys.

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LapisLee started taking paid online surveys on february 17th with GreenfieldOnline panel.And today is July 28th.LapisLee generated the total mount of $1042+ on his own hands.

This is the story he will tell us.

My Systematic Approach To Surveys

It has now been 30 days since I started taking paid online surveys. Working from a Master List of over 700+ survey sites, I have eliminated all Paid-Trial-Offer (PTO) sites, survey directory sites, that require you to pay for a list of survey sites that are available free elsewhere, and most of the surveys that pay only in points that cannot be converted to cash, only gift cards or coupons. Currently I have 28 sites that I have confidence in continuing to work with.

Bearing in mind that some sites I have only joined in the past few days and others I have yet to qualify (or be sent) a survey, my total so far is $58.02, with an undetermined number of paid surveys still not showing that I have completed. I have seven sites that only pay in points of varying conversion rates, five sites that I have a $0.00 balance and one site that does not keep track of earnings for its members.

By far the most interesting is the survey which led to my being paid $8 and being invited to join a forum discussion of universal healthcare. Whomever is judged to have the best posts and most interactions wins $80 with a chance to move on to further forum discussions. There is a sister forum group discussing prayer that we are allowed to observe without posting. So far, I have 11 fairly involved posts, out of 65 total, with several members replying to my posts. This forum ends on March 24.

What I have learned so far is to get a dedicated email just for surveys (Gmail is best). Fill out all of the screeners that are available on each survey site completely to ensure you get the maximum amount of surveys. Also, do not wait for the surveys to come to your email, but check the higher paying sites for available surveys and when paid email surveys do show up, click on them immediately. Final advice: be as creative as possible, without compromising your own personal degree of integrity, in answering surveys. I believe that survey sites want not only honest answers, but answers from people that fit the demographic for that particular product and who are well-informed on the product.

Above all, never give any site your credit card unless you either A) really want the product or B) carefully record the cancellation information and date by which you must cancel. I tried all three credit check sites and cancelled in a timely fashion. I signed up for NetFlix and will probably keep that as $9.95 per month for unlimited DVDs with no late fees and no shipping fees because it will probably save me money in the long run, especially since I convinced my girlfriend to go in half. Wink

PS: I joined Greenfield Online on February 17, I have taken over 100 surveys, qualified for 22, earned 19 sweepstakes entries, two 'project open's and $1.

And the next part was about his total revenue.

It has been six months since I started taking paid online surveys on February 1, 2008 although I did not join many of these sites until March and April. I spend an average of two to three hours per day taking surveys. Here are the amounts that I have earned from 37 paid online survey sites (and one Get Paid to Try company - GPT). I just earned $30 from a Greenfield Invoke Interactive moving them into 5th place. As you can see there are quite a few survey sites that pay much less than Greenfield, not to mention the 800+ that are known scams.

1. SS $162.00 ($147 rec’d - received)
2. OO $106.20 ($20 po) ($80.00 rec’d)
3. TTC $86.25 (GPT) ($100 pay out point - po)
4. ID $66.28 ($30 po) ($64.20 rec'd minus $6 processing fees)
5. Greenfield Online $63.50 (PayPal) ($63.50 rec'd)
6. NV $56.00 ($56 rec'd)
7. GTM $52.25 ($10 po) (points) ($52.25 rec'd)
8. YFS $44.15 ($30 po) (PayPal) ($30.00 rec’d)<<<<<<<<<<<$$$
9. SE $38.74 ($30 po) ($27.04 req'd) (minus $3 processing fee)
10. VO $29.90 ($20 po) (Amazon gift certificates - gc) ($20 rec'd)
11. MS $25.80 (points) ($20.00 rec'd)
12. DSP $24.50 (points) (PayPal) ($22.00 rec'd)
13. Y2C $23.00 ($19 rec'd)
14. GOP $22.78 12,780 (5000 = $5 po) (points) ($21.40 rec'd)
15. Grb $20 ($20 req'd)
16. K $20 ($10 Amazon gc) ($20 rec’d)
17. SF $20.00 ($10 po) ($10 rec'd)
18. HCD $18.30 ($10 po) (points) ($12.60 rec'd)
19. ACO $18.00 (PayPal) ($18 rec’d)
20. CV $16.00 (Amazon gc) ($10 rec'd)
21. LS $15.25 15250 (500 = $5 po) (points) ($10 rec'd)
22. BB $13.00 ($13 rec’d)
23. PR $12.00 ($12 rec’d)
24. COf (by invitation only) $10.00 (Amazon gc) ($10 rec'd)
25. EP $10.00 6750 (6750 = $10 Amazon gc) (points) ($10 rec'd)
26. MBI $10.00 (1100 = $10)
27. SS $9.00 ($10 po) ($8.50 req'd)
28. GN $6.06 303 points (2000 points = $20)
29. BI $4.00 ($4 rec'd)
30. MF $4.00 ($10 po)
31. JB £1.25 = $2.50
32. SE $2.11 1900 points (4500 points = $5) ($5 Amazon gc)
33. i.t_i $2.00
34. HP $1.67 260 points (800 points = $5) (PayPal)
35. DA $1.10 110 points (1000 points = $10)
36. FF $1.00
37. S.c $1.00
38. Dtg $0.62 80 points (1293 Points = $10 Amazon gc)

Earned: $1042.85
Received: $837.85
Last updated: July 25, 2008

How do you think about it?In my opinion,that's $mart!

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