[Reviews]American Consumer Opinion--Paid Surveys

American Consumer Opinion
Countries: All
Owner: Decision Analyst, Inc
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
American Consumer Opinion (ACOP), despite its name, is an international paid survey site that accept members from all countries. It is run by Decision Analyst, a large market research company in the U.S.

ACOP offers surveys worth $4-50, and focus groups that pay upwards of $25. However, the vast majority of surveys and just about all focus groups goes to U.S/CA members. International members from Paid Survey Guide have reported little to no surveys from ACOP.

That said, ACOP does offer checks in local currencies. U.S/CA members will receive checks within four weeks of the end of survey. International members take 6 - 8 weeks to receive the checks in their local currency. Where local currency is not possible, an American Express gift voucher is mailed instead.

1.Owned by reputable company
2.Membership open worldwide
3.Surveys pay $4-50, even more for focus groups
4.Payment in local currency checks

1. Hardly any surveys for members outside U.S/CA
2.No referral system

American Consumer Opinion stays true to its name by offering the best only for U.S/CA members. Members from other countries should look elsewhere for better alternatives.

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[Reviews]iPoints--Paid Surveys

Countries: U.K
Owner: Maximiles UK Ltd
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
iPoints is the largest online consumer loyalty website in the United Kingdom. Owned by Maximiles UK Ltd, it has more than 600 reward partners and more than 200,000 items to choose from. iPonts is much more than just surveys - you can earn points through online shopping, voting in polls, reading emails, paid surveys and referring friends.

You could easily rack up a lot of points just by shopping with the reward partners, and with so many to choose from, you could do almost all of your online shopping with this site. As for surveys, however, they are usually rare and worth only a few hundred points.

That said, there's a lot of other ways to earn points. You will earn money every time you read an email from them, or just vote on their polls for 10 extra points.

There is also a decent referral system in place. You will receive 50 points by referring a friend, and if that person goes on to buy a product, you will receive 100 points.

1.The largest online rewards site in the U.K

2.Many methods to earn money online

3.Online shopping is particularly rewarding

4.Huge range of items available for redemption

5.Decent referral system


1.iPoints cannot be converted to cash

2.Paid surveys is only a small part of the site.

iPoints is a great online rewards site for those in the U.K. All the different methods of earning money mean your points will accumulate quite fast, especially if you are an avid online shopper.

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[Reviews]Your Voice--Paid Surveys

Your Voice
Countries: Australia
Owner: Nielson
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
Your Voice is the best Australian paid survey website. Period.

Your Voice is backed by the world's largest research agency Nielson. Nielson has published many consumer reports for the media and the Australian government. These reports contain opinion from consumers such as those in the Your Voice panel.

Your Voice features some of the highest paying Australian paid surveys. Surveys generally carry a AUS$5 - $40 reward. You may also choose to be invited for online discussion groups, telephone interviews and live product testing. These offer rewards of $50 - $200 for a session. This tend to much more often in metropolitan areas though since companies want to get as many participants as possible.

If paid surveys are not enough, Your Voice has a referral system that puts others to shame. It pays $10 per sign-up. If this seems to good to be true, then let us reassure you right here: it's true. Note however that each account is only allowed a maximum of 20 referrals.

Money earned can be redeemed for a range of items, including vouchers, charity, DVD players, toys, etc. These are then mailed to you, usually within a week of requesting. Recently the site has introduced various online vouchers that can be emailed directly to you.

1.Owned by the largest international research company
2.Highest paying surveys available to Australians
3.Surveys usually come once every two or three weeks
4.Rewards processed and sent within a week
5.The best referral system in existence

1.Offers only vouchers not cash

Your Voice, without any doubt, is the best Australian paid survey site.

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[Tips]Special Tips From GreenfieldOnline!

1.No need to check your e-mail:
Don’t wait for a survey invitation to be sent to you. Login to www.greenfieldonline.com everyday for additional survey opportunities available.

2.Special rewards only available in the Member’s Area:
Greenfield Online offers special rewards and promotions only available in the Member’s Area of the community website. Make sure to login in frequently to see what special offer we have for you.

3.Completed profiles = $Money$:
Make sure to complete your profiles. The real purpose behind a profile is that it allows us to get to know you better. From profiles we can determine which surveys you qualify for, and it’s the “trick” to getting invited to even more paid surveys in the future.

4.Receive products not yet availabe to the public:
Greenfield Online often works with big companies interested in conducting research on new products that have not yet hit store shelves. Our clients come to us with a survey about their new products that we email to you. If you qualify, you will receive a sample of the new product sent directly to your home for FREE. These types of surveys offer you a chance to shape & change the products you purchase everyday, and best of all...you get the product for FREE!

5.A quick response to an e-mail invitation increases your chance of completing a survey.
Typically a survey with Greenfield Online will be available for 3-12 days. Within our surveys many clients ask for limits to be placed on certain criteria so that they have equal proportions of men, women, young, old, etc…completing the survey. Within the market research industry these are known as quotas. When you receive an e-mail invitation in your inbox this means the survey is available for people matching your criteria. However, the longer you wait to respond to this survey invitation the more likely it is that your criteria (quota) will be full. By participating in a survey soon after you receive the e-mail invitation you can increase your chances of completing and earning even more great prizes and rewards!

6.Answers to common questions can be found in My Help Center.
We are always here to help if you have a question. Typically, you can find the answers to your common questions in the My Help Center section of the community website. If you are not able to find an answer to your specific question, please send us an email here.

7.Be truthful when answering survey questions.
Some respondents have a habit of just glossing over surveys to quickly get done. It is important to remember that the responses in surveys are used by major companies to analyze and report information used to change the products and services we use everyday. If you want to make a real difference it's important to express yourself truthfully.


Countries: U.S, Canada
Owner: Common Knowledge, Inc
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
Your2Cents is a new paid survey site that already boasts a membership of over 1 million. It is owned by Common Knowledge Research Services and has connections with several other market research organisations. It has a 'fun' looking website that makes it as difficult as possible to find the right buttons.

As for surveys, all surveys pay between $1-5, with the average being $3. You can also choose to be contacted for short phone surveys, which usually pays $4. Even if you don't qualify for the survey, you will still be entered into a sweepstake. Once you have accumulated $5, you may request a check to be sent to your address.

The only problem with this site is the frequency of surveys. Even though the site only operates in the U.S.A, it doesn't give out a lot of surveys. Of the surveys that it does give out, many have strict conditions such as working in a particular industry.

1.Owned by reputable company

2.Competitive survey pay rates

3.Cashout at $5

Surveys do not come often

2.Surveys are hard to qualify

3.No referral system

Your2Cents has a great system in place, all it needs it more business customers. If it can achieve that, it could become a great U.S/CA paid survey site.

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[Reviews]Brand Institute

Brand Institute
Countries: All
Owner: Brand Institute, Inc
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
Brand Institute online panel is a relatively unknown paid survey site. Owned by Brand Institute, a transnational market research company, the site is open to membership worldwide.

The site offers more than it looks. Although it appears to have nothing more than a sign-up page, it actually gives out some of the highest paying surveys around. Surveys usually come once every two or three weeks, and these are usually for participation in a 40 minute - 1 hour survey for a reward of U.S$25-50. If you successfully complete the survey, you will receive payment in the form of a check or via PayPal, with the latter being more common. Sometimes you may be invited for product testing, with the reward being cash on the spot.

The only problem is actually qualifying for the surveys. Brand Institute works mostly with companies in the health and pharmaceutical industry. As such, unless you suffer from certain illnesses, rely on certain drugs, or are a medical professional you may find yourself receiving few surveys.

.Owned by reputable company
2.Some of the highest paying surveys
3.Product testing pays even more
4.Form of payment clearly stated

1.Website contains nothing more than a sign-up page
2.Offers little to those outside the health industry

Brand Institute is an excellent paid survey/product testing site for those working in the health industry or those directly interacting with the health industry. Other members may reeive the odd survey every few weeks, but that's about it.

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[Reviews]Lightspeed Consumer Panel

Lightspeed Consumer Panel
Countries: U.S, Canada, U.K, Australia
Owner: Lightspeed Research
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
Lightspeed Consumer Panel is owned by Lightspeed Research, an online market research company. It has over 7 million registered members from across 34 countries. Its online panel, however, is restricted to U.S, Canada, U.K and Australia.

Lightspeed is a no fuss website that excels where it matters - paid surveys. It strikes the sweetspot between the frequency of surveys and the amount paid for each survey. Usually one can expect four or five surveys per week, with each survey usually paying between $1 - 5. All surveys are paid cash and the reward is clearly stated in the email.

Lightspeed rewards you for activity. If a member is particularly active in answering its surveys, he/she is more likely to receive future surveys. On the other hand, a person that does not answer surveys will have the same survey invitation repeatedly sent to him/her. Payment is made through PayPal.

Beyond that, Lightspeed has little to offer. It doesn't have any referral system or community boards.

Owned by reputable company
2.Clean, neat site that gets the job done
3.Surveys are frequent
4.All surveys pay cash at a reasonable rate
5.Timely payment through PayPal

1. Restricted membership
2.No referral system

Lightspeed excels where it matters - paid surveys. However country restrictions and lack of a referral system hurt its ratings.

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Countries: All
Owner: Pureprofile Pty Ltd
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
PureProfile originally started in Australia and was very successful due to its '3 click for a dollar' short surveys. In 2002, it expanded to the U.K and in December 2006 it opened membership worldwide.

The new PureProfile site is intuitive and easy to use. Everything can be accessed through a single click.

PureProfile can be customized so that you choose to receive short, 3-click messages worth $1, longer surveys that pays much more, or both. When you find youself out of surveys, the 'nextbutton' feature allows you to browse through ads for $0.1-1 each. There is no timer so you could easily browse through dozens of ads in a minute. The site has a number of reward options, one of which is cash directly into bank account.

Since PureProfile is still an Australian centered site, usually Australians receive most of the surveys. In many other countries they do not yet have many business clients so there might be a shortage of surveys.

The site also has a referral system that allows you to earn $1 for each survey that your referral takes for up to $5. There is no referral tracking so you do not know who your referrals are or who earned the money.
1.Membership open worldwide
2.Fast, intuitive site
3.Choose what types of survey you want to receive
4.'Next' button to browse through ads
5.Choice of rewards including cash
6.Decent referral system

1. Not yet fully established worldwide
2.Some countries may not receive many surveys
3.No referral tracking

PureProfile, while great in Australia and U.K, still needs time for development in other countries. It does have a lot of potential though, and at its current rate of development, could soon become a leader in international paid surveys.

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[Reviews]NFO My Survey

NFO My Survey
Countries: U.S, Canada
Owner: Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS)
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
NFO My Survey is a large U.S/CA paid survey site owned by Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS). Originally named MyTNS, the company decided to change the name to My Survey after it got the prestigious mysurvey.com domain.

My Survey sends out frequent surveys. Usually you can expect to receive one or two every week. Surveys usually pay around $1-10, with the limit being $15. However, most surveys tend to be in the $1-5 range. Payment is in the form of reward points, with 1000 points = U.S$10.
The site has a large range of payout options, including check, charity donation, or prizes. You may redeem for any of these once you've reached $10.

Finally, the site has an amazing referral system of $1.50 per signup. No other paid survey site can offer such a rate.

1.Owned by reputable company
2.Company is TRUSTe verified
3.Reasonably frequent surveys
4.Cashout at $10
5.Amazing referral system

1.Average pay rate

NFO My Survey is a great paid survey site for U.S and Canadian members. Although it doesn't offer the highest paying surveys, it makes up for it by getting everything else right and an amazing referral system.

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[Reviews]Ciao! Surveys/Greenfield Online

Ciao! Surveys/Greenfield Online
Countries: All
Owner: Ciao Surveys GmbH
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review
Ciao! Surveys have gone through takeovers and mergers to become one of the world's most popular and most extensive paid survey networks. What exactly happened? Here's the short story.

In 2005, Greenfield Online Inc, owner of the U.S paid survey site Greenfield Online, purchased GoZing Surveys, one of the most popular international paid survey networks at the time. Later that year, it merged with Ciao! Surveys. As a result, Ciao! and GoZing members were combined together under the Ciao! banner and previous surveys in the GoZing network were now distributed to everyone. Meanwhile, Ciao Surveys abadoned its U.S site to allow Greenfield Online to be the only operator in the U.S.

All this meant it was great for members. Most members received a significant increase in the number of surveys as the networks combined. This quickly led Ciao!/Greenfield Online/GoZing to become one of the world's largest and most successful paid survey networks.

Today, Ciao! Surveys is arguably the widest reaching paid survey network. It has established local sites in many foreign languages. For areas that do not have local sites, you will be redirected to Ciao! International where membership is open worldwide.

In terms of surveys, Ciao! pays reasonably well. It pays differently depending on your geographical location. Greenfield Online (U.S site) pays quite well at $2 - $6.5 per survey. In Australia, it pays the equivalent of U.S$1 - 4. However, in China, it only pays a maximum of less than U.S$1 per survey. So please investigate your local site and decide for yourself whether the pay is worth it. Payment is conviniently made through PayPal.

What you won't have to be concerned about is the frequency of surveys. In the majority of countries members have reported receiving a high volume of surveys. Paid Survey Guide reviewers in the U.S and Australia have especially noted the high volume of surveys. Surveys are usually easy to qualify and shorter than the stated time.

1.Largest paid survey network
2.Huge consumer and business membership base
3.Open to all countries
4.Competitive pay rates in some countries
5.Payment direct to PayPal
6.Sends out a lot of surveys

Different pay rates at different countries
2.No less than 10 profiles to fill
3.Processing payment can take weeks in some countries

Ciao! Surveys and Greenfield Online continues to push the boundaries (literally) of paid surveys. Great pay rates, high volume of surveys and convinient PayPal payments - the company has created a recipe for success.

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Countries: All
Owner: Global Market Insite, Inc
SurveysCenter Rating:

SurveysCenter Group. Review

GlobalTestMarket, owned by Global Market Insite Inc, is the world's largest paid survey community with members from over 200 countries and a network of companies from over 40 countries. To date the company has paid its members over 7 million U.S dollars.

The quality of the site is immediate upon landing on the front page. The site was completely redesigned in 2007 and is now one of the best looking sites. The site is easy to navigate and information is presented in a clear, concise manner. For international members, the site is available in over 40 different languages.

The signup process is equally streamlined. Simply fill out your details and by the next page you are already a member. Filling out the profiles take some time, but for U.S members you will get paid 10 marketpoints for each profile survey.

The site uses the marketpoints currency system. Each market point is fixed to 5 U.S cents. Typically surveys are worth 50 to 150 marketpoints ($2.5 - $7.5). You can request payment when your account reaches $50. You will be sent a cheque in your local currency.

$50 payout might seem a little high on first glance, but with GlobalTestMarket it's not a problem. The site sends out truckloads of surveys. You can check for surveys with your email address or directly from within the site. The other good thing is that surveys for GlobalTestMarket are generally easier to qualify than other paid survey sites, so you will be actually receiving surveys not just survey invitations.

One of the reasons why GlobalTestMarket is so successful is that it's truly an international site. It actively gives out surveys to international members. Members from all over the world have reported that they receive surveys specifically targeted to them.

Recently GlobalTestMarket has introduced a new initiative called Survey Shuttle. If you've completed a survey or did not qualify, the site will try to match you to another available survey. Since there are so many surveys going on, more often than not you'll be invited to more surveys.

GlobalTestMarket also offers a member refer-a-friend system. It allows you to invite your friends to the site and if they sign-up you will be rewarded with 20 extra marketpoints. For website publishers, the site offers a competitive affiliate membership that pays you a rate of between $0.7 - $1 per signup.

On the community side, GlobalTestMarket has a blog that is actively followed by a lot of its members. The blog talks about site updates, what's going on behind the scene and future plans. The site also has a contact email address that is actually handled by people.

Having said all that, is GlobalTestMarket perfect? Certainly not. For one, payment is available only in the form of a check. Payment through Paypal and other payment systems have been requested multiple times, but the company appears to have no plan to incorporate this. Payment by check also means a long processing time. Usually international members can expect to wait over a month to see their check.

Largest paid survey community
2.Open to all countries
3.Owned by reputable company, BBBOnline certified
4.Sends out a lot of surveys, usually easy to qualify
5.Payout made in local currency
6.Site blog to bring the community together
7.Survey Shuttle that brings you even more surveys!
8. Excellent referral system

1.Payout by local currency check only
2.Checks have processing time of 6 - 8 weeks for international members

GlobalTestMarket represents the pinnacle of online paid surveys. It excels in (almost) every aspect to bring to its members truly the best possible paid survey experience.

Overall Rating: ?????
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