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Since its appearance in 1999, SurveySavvy has established itself as a premium paid survey site. Owned by Luth Research, it has over 1.5 million registered members worldwide and has paid out over $10 million in cash. How did it become so successful?
By offering the highest paid surveys in the industry.

This site pays in numbers that puts other sites to shame. You will take surveys that pay you anything between $2 and $100. You get paid even more for discussion groups and product testing. Payment is sent in the form of a U.S check and can be requested at any time. If you are an international member who pays a fee to deposit foreign checks, it might be wise to build up your balance before requesting.

SurveySavvy also has arguably the best referral system among paid survey sites. It has a two-tier referral system where you will earn around $2 for every survey your friend completes, and a dollar for every survey your friend's friend completes. This might not seem much, but it can build up quite nicely, especially if some of your friends are very good at referring others.
Being able to afford to pay such amounts, however, means the company is very selective. While memberhip is open worldwide, you will not receive many surveys no matter where you are. Surveys usually come once every few weeks, but it's not uncommon for people to report they haven't received anything since signing up.

As for the site itself, it's simple but effective. You can find everything you need on the site. Your member area clearly shows your profile, referral count, account balance, etc. The site has a blog called Survey Connect but it's only updated once a month.

1.Owned by reputable company
2.BBBOnline, McAfee Hacker Safe certified
3.Highest paying surveys in the industry
4.Request payment at any time
5.Excellent two-tier referral system
6.Simple, effective site

1.Most members wait weeks to receive surveys
2.Payment by U.S checks only

Waiting for that survey invitation can take time, but when you receive it, you realize it's worth it. SurveySavvy puts its competitors to shame giving out the highest paying surveys in the industry.

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