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NFO My Survey
Countries: U.S, Canada
Owner: Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS)
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NFO My Survey is a large U.S/CA paid survey site owned by Taylor Nelson Sofres PLC (TNS). Originally named MyTNS, the company decided to change the name to My Survey after it got the prestigious mysurvey.com domain.

My Survey sends out frequent surveys. Usually you can expect to receive one or two every week. Surveys usually pay around $1-10, with the limit being $15. However, most surveys tend to be in the $1-5 range. Payment is in the form of reward points, with 1000 points = U.S$10.
The site has a large range of payout options, including check, charity donation, or prizes. You may redeem for any of these once you've reached $10.

Finally, the site has an amazing referral system of $1.50 per signup. No other paid survey site can offer such a rate.

1.Owned by reputable company
2.Company is TRUSTe verified
3.Reasonably frequent surveys
4.Cashout at $10
5.Amazing referral system

1.Average pay rate

NFO My Survey is a great paid survey site for U.S and Canadian members. Although it doesn't offer the highest paying surveys, it makes up for it by getting everything else right and an amazing referral system.

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