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PureProfile originally started in Australia and was very successful due to its '3 click for a dollar' short surveys. In 2002, it expanded to the U.K and in December 2006 it opened membership worldwide.

The new PureProfile site is intuitive and easy to use. Everything can be accessed through a single click.

PureProfile can be customized so that you choose to receive short, 3-click messages worth $1, longer surveys that pays much more, or both. When you find youself out of surveys, the 'nextbutton' feature allows you to browse through ads for $0.1-1 each. There is no timer so you could easily browse through dozens of ads in a minute. The site has a number of reward options, one of which is cash directly into bank account.

Since PureProfile is still an Australian centered site, usually Australians receive most of the surveys. In many other countries they do not yet have many business clients so there might be a shortage of surveys.

The site also has a referral system that allows you to earn $1 for each survey that your referral takes for up to $5. There is no referral tracking so you do not know who your referrals are or who earned the money.
1.Membership open worldwide
2.Fast, intuitive site
3.Choose what types of survey you want to receive
4.'Next' button to browse through ads
5.Choice of rewards including cash
6.Decent referral system

1. Not yet fully established worldwide
2.Some countries may not receive many surveys
3.No referral tracking

PureProfile, while great in Australia and U.K, still needs time for development in other countries. It does have a lot of potential though, and at its current rate of development, could soon become a leader in international paid surveys.

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