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Brand Institute online panel is a relatively unknown paid survey site. Owned by Brand Institute, a transnational market research company, the site is open to membership worldwide.

The site offers more than it looks. Although it appears to have nothing more than a sign-up page, it actually gives out some of the highest paying surveys around. Surveys usually come once every two or three weeks, and these are usually for participation in a 40 minute - 1 hour survey for a reward of U.S$25-50. If you successfully complete the survey, you will receive payment in the form of a check or via PayPal, with the latter being more common. Sometimes you may be invited for product testing, with the reward being cash on the spot.

The only problem is actually qualifying for the surveys. Brand Institute works mostly with companies in the health and pharmaceutical industry. As such, unless you suffer from certain illnesses, rely on certain drugs, or are a medical professional you may find yourself receiving few surveys.

.Owned by reputable company
2.Some of the highest paying surveys
3.Product testing pays even more
4.Form of payment clearly stated

1.Website contains nothing more than a sign-up page
2.Offers little to those outside the health industry

Brand Institute is an excellent paid survey/product testing site for those working in the health industry or those directly interacting with the health industry. Other members may reeive the odd survey every few weeks, but that's about it.

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