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Ciao! Surveys have gone through takeovers and mergers to become one of the world's most popular and most extensive paid survey networks. What exactly happened? Here's the short story.

In 2005, Greenfield Online Inc, owner of the U.S paid survey site Greenfield Online, purchased GoZing Surveys, one of the most popular international paid survey networks at the time. Later that year, it merged with Ciao! Surveys. As a result, Ciao! and GoZing members were combined together under the Ciao! banner and previous surveys in the GoZing network were now distributed to everyone. Meanwhile, Ciao Surveys abadoned its U.S site to allow Greenfield Online to be the only operator in the U.S.

All this meant it was great for members. Most members received a significant increase in the number of surveys as the networks combined. This quickly led Ciao!/Greenfield Online/GoZing to become one of the world's largest and most successful paid survey networks.

Today, Ciao! Surveys is arguably the widest reaching paid survey network. It has established local sites in many foreign languages. For areas that do not have local sites, you will be redirected to Ciao! International where membership is open worldwide.

In terms of surveys, Ciao! pays reasonably well. It pays differently depending on your geographical location. Greenfield Online (U.S site) pays quite well at $2 - $6.5 per survey. In Australia, it pays the equivalent of U.S$1 - 4. However, in China, it only pays a maximum of less than U.S$1 per survey. So please investigate your local site and decide for yourself whether the pay is worth it. Payment is conviniently made through PayPal.

What you won't have to be concerned about is the frequency of surveys. In the majority of countries members have reported receiving a high volume of surveys. Paid Survey Guide reviewers in the U.S and Australia have especially noted the high volume of surveys. Surveys are usually easy to qualify and shorter than the stated time.

1.Largest paid survey network
2.Huge consumer and business membership base
3.Open to all countries
4.Competitive pay rates in some countries
5.Payment direct to PayPal
6.Sends out a lot of surveys

Different pay rates at different countries
2.No less than 10 profiles to fill
3.Processing payment can take weeks in some countries

Ciao! Surveys and Greenfield Online continues to push the boundaries (literally) of paid surveys. Great pay rates, high volume of surveys and convinient PayPal payments - the company has created a recipe for success.

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