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Owner: Maximiles UK Ltd
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iPoints is the largest online consumer loyalty website in the United Kingdom. Owned by Maximiles UK Ltd, it has more than 600 reward partners and more than 200,000 items to choose from. iPonts is much more than just surveys - you can earn points through online shopping, voting in polls, reading emails, paid surveys and referring friends.

You could easily rack up a lot of points just by shopping with the reward partners, and with so many to choose from, you could do almost all of your online shopping with this site. As for surveys, however, they are usually rare and worth only a few hundred points.

That said, there's a lot of other ways to earn points. You will earn money every time you read an email from them, or just vote on their polls for 10 extra points.

There is also a decent referral system in place. You will receive 50 points by referring a friend, and if that person goes on to buy a product, you will receive 100 points.

1.The largest online rewards site in the U.K

2.Many methods to earn money online

3.Online shopping is particularly rewarding

4.Huge range of items available for redemption

5.Decent referral system


1.iPoints cannot be converted to cash

2.Paid surveys is only a small part of the site.

iPoints is a great online rewards site for those in the U.K. All the different methods of earning money mean your points will accumulate quite fast, especially if you are an avid online shopper.

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