Countries: U.S, Canada
Owner: Common Knowledge, Inc
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Your2Cents is a new paid survey site that already boasts a membership of over 1 million. It is owned by Common Knowledge Research Services and has connections with several other market research organisations. It has a 'fun' looking website that makes it as difficult as possible to find the right buttons.

As for surveys, all surveys pay between $1-5, with the average being $3. You can also choose to be contacted for short phone surveys, which usually pays $4. Even if you don't qualify for the survey, you will still be entered into a sweepstake. Once you have accumulated $5, you may request a check to be sent to your address.

The only problem with this site is the frequency of surveys. Even though the site only operates in the U.S.A, it doesn't give out a lot of surveys. Of the surveys that it does give out, many have strict conditions such as working in a particular industry.

1.Owned by reputable company

2.Competitive survey pay rates

3.Cashout at $5

Surveys do not come often

2.Surveys are hard to qualify

3.No referral system

Your2Cents has a great system in place, all it needs it more business customers. If it can achieve that, it could become a great U.S/CA paid survey site.

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