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American Consumer Opinion
Countries: All
Owner: Decision Analyst, Inc
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American Consumer Opinion (ACOP), despite its name, is an international paid survey site that accept members from all countries. It is run by Decision Analyst, a large market research company in the U.S.

ACOP offers surveys worth $4-50, and focus groups that pay upwards of $25. However, the vast majority of surveys and just about all focus groups goes to U.S/CA members. International members from Paid Survey Guide have reported little to no surveys from ACOP.

That said, ACOP does offer checks in local currencies. U.S/CA members will receive checks within four weeks of the end of survey. International members take 6 - 8 weeks to receive the checks in their local currency. Where local currency is not possible, an American Express gift voucher is mailed instead.

1.Owned by reputable company
2.Membership open worldwide
3.Surveys pay $4-50, even more for focus groups
4.Payment in local currency checks

1. Hardly any surveys for members outside U.S/CA
2.No referral system

American Consumer Opinion stays true to its name by offering the best only for U.S/CA members. Members from other countries should look elsewhere for better alternatives.

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