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CashCrate is an U.S based international paid offer and survey site that has exploded in popularity since its launch in mid 2006. To date it has a membership base of more than half a million and has paid out millions in cash.

CashCrate pays you to complete its 'offers'. There are hundreds of free offers available and paid surveys form a large part of these offers. Note that most of the offers are only available to U.S and Canadian members. International members may receive the odd survey or two, but may find it difficult to earn consistently. On the plus side, new offers are constantly being added.

Usually free offers pay anything between $1-15. The site also has paid offers that may require you to subscribe to magazines or provide your credit card. Thankfully, the vast majority of offers are completely free. Offers where credit cards are required are clearly specified. Payout is at a low $10. Payment is currently only by check, with PayPal and direct bank deposit under consideration.

The site also boasts a strong two-tier referral system. Members earn 20% of their friends, and 10% of their friends' friends. It also has different levels of referral membership that gives increasingly higher rates as you progress up the levels.

Finally, it has a very active community forums. You can easily keep up to date with latest payouts, site updates etc through their forums. They also have a site blog maintained by admins.
1.The most popular paid to offer site
2.Intuitive website
3.Free offers pay $1-15 Huge range of free offers
4.Excellent two-tier referral system
5.Payout at just $10

1.Hardly anything for international members
2.Payment by U.S checks only

CashCrate, for U.S and Canadian members, is one of the best paid offer sites available. Whether you enjoy taking free surveys, paid offers, or referring friends, you will find CashCrate incredibly rewarding.

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