Our Paypal Account is Restored

the first page we have seen when they restored our account
We're especially fond of Paypal, as our revenue has risen up to $265 in 5 months.We also fought against their terms sometimes.Anyway,the good news was we could solve those 'open cases' with them peacefully at last.

Six months ago,we set up our premier account.Unfortunately,Paypal guys limited our account access on April 17th.We are not about to tell you the reason why they do that,but we wanna share our story with you guys.And we believe it would be helpful when some people do really want to 'fight against' Paypal's ridiculous TOS,lols...

Actually,I was too angry to contact their customer service,and I didn't understand why they treated us like that.We only have little money on our account at that time.

However,I wrote them e-mails to claim we're innocent.They didn't trust us and insisted that we should provide our credit card info and some other evidences to prove our natural existence.And that made me crazzzy!So I called them bastards and fu(king idiots.Wow...I'm little foolhardy,right?But that's OK,because Paypal guys also lost their tempers,and I'm glad to provoke them.

The result of my
disrespectful behaviour was they finally decided to limit my account for 180 days and I could request a check on Oct. 22nd.

Then I just let it go.I still receive my payments via this limited Paypal account.

3 months later,I received my prepaid debit MasterCard from Payoneer.Because I got in trouble when I tried to add this Payoneer MasterCard,I contacted Paypal's customer service again.They asked me to change my passwords and security questions and answers to restore my account this time.All I needed to do is just 'Change Passwords and Security Questions and Answers'!!Then I just did that!And my Paypal account was really restored!

By the way,the reason why I cannot add Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard to our limited Paypal account was not Payoneer card's fault.That depended on Paypal's security system.Maybe I just missed the final date.And next post we will discuss on the Payoneer project and tell people how to verify their Paypal account with Payoneer Prepaid Debit MasterCard.


Surveys.com:Digital Choice Reward

I noticed we have discussed in our previous post that Surveys.com would take a new reward system which include Digital Choice Reward.But we have already received their Digital Choice Reward incentive on May 20.

Dear ****

Thank you for recently completing a Surveys.com survey. In appreciation of your time, here is your Digital Choice reward!

Please click on the link below to choose from 2 free music downloads, 2 free ringtones or 5 free photo prints.


Again, thank you for your time and your feedback! We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

Carol Henderson


Why did you get this email?
You are a registered member of Surveys.com. You registered on *******

How do you know if you are eligible for your sweepstakes?
View our rules at: http://www.surveys.com/rules/rules.htm.

Questions, comments or concerns?
Contact Carol Henderson either at the Help Desk:
or by mail at:
GfK c/o Panels, 1060 State Road, Princeton, NJ 08542

This email was intended for *****

Surveys.com August Payment


We received the payments several days ago.If you are a good paid surveys taker,you must know Surveys.com is one of the best paid survey panels.Their leadership on internet marketing helps thousands of companies solving problems related with market responses.

Here we go.



By the way,Surveys.com begins to pay people special rewards on some kinds of survey topics.On one of their recent survey invitation,the reward was their 'new digital choice reward'.

Upon completion of this survey, as a thank you for your participation, you will receive a special incentive…our new Digital Choice reward. This is good for one of the following: 2 music downloads or 2 ringtone downloads or 5 digital photo prints…it will be your choice! You’ll receive an email when the survey has closed which will include instructions on claiming your reward. In addition, you will also receive an entry into our $5,000 monthly cash giveaway where you will have a chance to win hundreds of cash prizes!

Remember September 11th


Did you still remember that day?

The day our hearts were broken.

The day our men and women were taken away from us.

The day our tears welled up in eyes.

We cherished the hope that there was no war or terrorist attack on the world.

We read the following article on About.com,and we are about to recommend it to you.

Original article

Remember September 11th

Tuesday September 9, 2008 World Trade Center Tribute in Light
New York, along with the rest of the world, will pause on September 11th, 2008 to honor the seventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. It will be a day of sadness, memories, and coming together as a community.

By Pamela Skillings, About.com Guide to Manhattan, NY since 2005

Amazon.com Gift Certificate from ClearVoiceSurveys.com

Finally,we get paid from clearvociesurveys.com

Frankly speaking,CVS is great,and the best part is they also pay people cash via Payoneer prepaid debit card.We highly recommend our readers who live in US,UK,Canada and Australia.Because their Payoneer redemption solution is only available in those countries.

We redeem 1-$10 Gift Certificate from Amazon.com® that can be applied towards the purchase of millions of items at Amazon.com.

And we are glad to give the Gift Certificate Claim Code to the first guy who read this article.So just leave your e-mail in the comment and we will send it to you ASAP.


GreenfieldOnline Payment Proof

Here we go.

No.1 $19

No.2 $15

BTW,once upon a time,I took a series of surveys which were hosted by a same company.To my surprise,those 4 surveys were the same,totally.It only cost 30 minutes to finish them.A little crazzzy,aahuh...

We are approved by BlogCatalog!!

I can still remember the time we submitted our blog to BlogCatalog a month ago.But they just said :

Submission Declined: Paid Surveys Center

And then told me why:

Thank you for submitting your blog Paid Surveys Center (http://surveyscenter.blogspot.com) to BlogCatalog.

Unfortunately upon reviewing your blog we are unable to grant it access to the directory.

Your blog was declined for the following reason:

  • The URL you submitted is solely for commercial purposes, or is suspected to be spam.

If you believe this to be a mistake, you can login to Blog Catalog ( http://www.blogcatalog.com/blogs/manage_blog.html ) and change anything which may have caused it to get declined. After updating your blog, it will be put back into the submission queue.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions/ideas please feel free to contact us.


But we didn't give up.After a couple weeks,we resubmitted it.

and then,

3days later,Mr.BlogCatalog,the vicious old man replied me:

Submission Declined: Paid Surveys Center

My heart was broken.

So I told myself,I had to work hard and got myself listed on Mr.BlogCatalog's glory wall.

20 days passed...

We submitted it again,and this time Mr.BLogCatalog smiled and said:

Changes Approved: Paid Surveys Center

Oh,my god!!

Mr.BlogCatalog is the kindest man I have ever seen and I wanna say:Wow..
are u crazzzy,Old man?