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Your Voice
Countries: Australia
Owner: Nielson
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Your Voice is the best Australian paid survey website. Period.

Your Voice is backed by the world's largest research agency Nielson. Nielson has published many consumer reports for the media and the Australian government. These reports contain opinion from consumers such as those in the Your Voice panel.

Your Voice features some of the highest paying Australian paid surveys. Surveys generally carry a AUS$5 - $40 reward. You may also choose to be invited for online discussion groups, telephone interviews and live product testing. These offer rewards of $50 - $200 for a session. This tend to much more often in metropolitan areas though since companies want to get as many participants as possible.

If paid surveys are not enough, Your Voice has a referral system that puts others to shame. It pays $10 per sign-up. If this seems to good to be true, then let us reassure you right here: it's true. Note however that each account is only allowed a maximum of 20 referrals.

Money earned can be redeemed for a range of items, including vouchers, charity, DVD players, toys, etc. These are then mailed to you, usually within a week of requesting. Recently the site has introduced various online vouchers that can be emailed directly to you.

1.Owned by the largest international research company
2.Highest paying surveys available to Australians
3.Surveys usually come once every two or three weeks
4.Rewards processed and sent within a week
5.The best referral system in existence

1.Offers only vouchers not cash

Your Voice, without any doubt, is the best Australian paid survey site.

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