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GlobalTestMarket, owned by Global Market Insite Inc, is the world's largest paid survey community with members from over 200 countries and a network of companies from over 40 countries. To date the company has paid its members over 7 million U.S dollars.

The quality of the site is immediate upon landing on the front page. The site was completely redesigned in 2007 and is now one of the best looking sites. The site is easy to navigate and information is presented in a clear, concise manner. For international members, the site is available in over 40 different languages.

The signup process is equally streamlined. Simply fill out your details and by the next page you are already a member. Filling out the profiles take some time, but for U.S members you will get paid 10 marketpoints for each profile survey.

The site uses the marketpoints currency system. Each market point is fixed to 5 U.S cents. Typically surveys are worth 50 to 150 marketpoints ($2.5 - $7.5). You can request payment when your account reaches $50. You will be sent a cheque in your local currency.

$50 payout might seem a little high on first glance, but with GlobalTestMarket it's not a problem. The site sends out truckloads of surveys. You can check for surveys with your email address or directly from within the site. The other good thing is that surveys for GlobalTestMarket are generally easier to qualify than other paid survey sites, so you will be actually receiving surveys not just survey invitations.

One of the reasons why GlobalTestMarket is so successful is that it's truly an international site. It actively gives out surveys to international members. Members from all over the world have reported that they receive surveys specifically targeted to them.

Recently GlobalTestMarket has introduced a new initiative called Survey Shuttle. If you've completed a survey or did not qualify, the site will try to match you to another available survey. Since there are so many surveys going on, more often than not you'll be invited to more surveys.

GlobalTestMarket also offers a member refer-a-friend system. It allows you to invite your friends to the site and if they sign-up you will be rewarded with 20 extra marketpoints. For website publishers, the site offers a competitive affiliate membership that pays you a rate of between $0.7 - $1 per signup.

On the community side, GlobalTestMarket has a blog that is actively followed by a lot of its members. The blog talks about site updates, what's going on behind the scene and future plans. The site also has a contact email address that is actually handled by people.

Having said all that, is GlobalTestMarket perfect? Certainly not. For one, payment is available only in the form of a check. Payment through Paypal and other payment systems have been requested multiple times, but the company appears to have no plan to incorporate this. Payment by check also means a long processing time. Usually international members can expect to wait over a month to see their check.

Largest paid survey community
2.Open to all countries
3.Owned by reputable company, BBBOnline certified
4.Sends out a lot of surveys, usually easy to qualify
5.Payout made in local currency
6.Site blog to bring the community together
7.Survey Shuttle that brings you even more surveys!
8. Excellent referral system

1.Payout by local currency check only
2.Checks have processing time of 6 - 8 weeks for international members

GlobalTestMarket represents the pinnacle of online paid surveys. It excels in (almost) every aspect to bring to its members truly the best possible paid survey experience.

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