[Tips]Special Tips From GreenfieldOnline!

1.No need to check your e-mail:
Don’t wait for a survey invitation to be sent to you. Login to www.greenfieldonline.com everyday for additional survey opportunities available.

2.Special rewards only available in the Member’s Area:
Greenfield Online offers special rewards and promotions only available in the Member’s Area of the community website. Make sure to login in frequently to see what special offer we have for you.

3.Completed profiles = $Money$:
Make sure to complete your profiles. The real purpose behind a profile is that it allows us to get to know you better. From profiles we can determine which surveys you qualify for, and it’s the “trick” to getting invited to even more paid surveys in the future.

4.Receive products not yet availabe to the public:
Greenfield Online often works with big companies interested in conducting research on new products that have not yet hit store shelves. Our clients come to us with a survey about their new products that we email to you. If you qualify, you will receive a sample of the new product sent directly to your home for FREE. These types of surveys offer you a chance to shape & change the products you purchase everyday, and best of all...you get the product for FREE!

5.A quick response to an e-mail invitation increases your chance of completing a survey.
Typically a survey with Greenfield Online will be available for 3-12 days. Within our surveys many clients ask for limits to be placed on certain criteria so that they have equal proportions of men, women, young, old, etc…completing the survey. Within the market research industry these are known as quotas. When you receive an e-mail invitation in your inbox this means the survey is available for people matching your criteria. However, the longer you wait to respond to this survey invitation the more likely it is that your criteria (quota) will be full. By participating in a survey soon after you receive the e-mail invitation you can increase your chances of completing and earning even more great prizes and rewards!

6.Answers to common questions can be found in My Help Center.
We are always here to help if you have a question. Typically, you can find the answers to your common questions in the My Help Center section of the community website. If you are not able to find an answer to your specific question, please send us an email here.

7.Be truthful when answering survey questions.
Some respondents have a habit of just glossing over surveys to quickly get done. It is important to remember that the responses in surveys are used by major companies to analyze and report information used to change the products and services we use everyday. If you want to make a real difference it's important to express yourself truthfully.

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