Let me Show you My Payoneer Prepaid Debit MarsterCard

Just as I have promised in the previous post,now I will show you guys my prepaid payoneer debit mastercard.This pic was taken from my web camera and it's not clear enough.That's because I wanna keep my privacy as a secret.lols...

Ok,here it is.
I have ordered 5 cards,and they approved 4,and there's another problem which caused some incidents.I don't use the same address when I apply for the first Payoneer prepaid debit Mastercard.And my order was missing.So I asked them to mail it to me again,and they approved again.That's so sweet.

I also contact their customer service with LivepersonChat(the Live Assistance coin on Contact Us page).Those people are quite SLOWLY when they are working on a project,but that's ok.They can help you figure out troubles.

Recently,we came across some problems with ClearVoiceSurveys.We found that some people's account were unable to access correctly,and their servers might return the message 'Incorrect User Name/Password'.We tried to contact Clearvoicesurveys,but no person responsed on this issue.And we will keep on paying close attention to it.

That's all I wanna share with you guys today.

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Falana said...

Please i was filling the form to get the payoneer prepaid mastercard and i was asked to provide a means of identification which is anyone of these: National idcard(which i was not eligible to participate in it when it was conducted nationwide because i was below 18years old then) ,a driver license(which i don't drive for now) and an International passport.
I've got non of this except my school(polytechnic) I.d card which i use to make transactions nationwide,but i need to make international transactions.
Please,i need your advice on how to get the card.
I will be looking forward in anticipation to your favourable reply.