HotSpex Review

Who the hell's HotSpex?

is a unique online community where participants are invited to participate in online surveys and innovate for leading brands. Members are dubbed "Hotspex Innovators" and earn points redeemable for vouchers, music downloads and other points program points in exchange for their participation.

Have your opinions heard by leading brands and be rewarded for free surveys.

In my Opinion
I signed up with hotspex about four months ago. Yesterday I received my free Ipod Touch($300 Retail) in the mail. I have gotten good and rapid(within the same minute once) responses to my questions from their customer service, and I received my prize one week ahead of schedule. I definitely feel that Hotspex values their panelists for more than just their information, they want you to have a good overall survey experience.

I have never really considered using their exchange but I imagine it would be good for those who collect airline miles. I do like the ease of their charity exchange(most have no minimum donation so its really easy even if you dont have 1000 points) and the fact that they plant a tree for each survey. I am a big fan of the prizes in their raffle style point exchanges and can tell you I won so it is possible, but you gotta be in it to win it.

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