GlobalTestMarket Review


Min Age to Join:14

GlobalTestMarket is an international global consumer research panel sponsored by GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.) and it was founded in 1999. Membership to their panel is free, and they offer market points redeemable for cash for members that complete their online survey studies. Members that attempt, but do not qualify for studies are usually still rewarded with a small number of points. A member must accumulate 1000 points = $50 USD (international members will be rewarded in their currency based on the current exchange rate) to claim their earnings.

Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 7.6
  • Compensation: 7.3
  • Frequency of Surveys: 8.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 6.3
  • Member Area & Support:7.0
  • Overall Rating: 7.3
In my Opinion
On average, I receive about 5 surveys a week, and to date since I joined 1 month ago, I completed 19 surveys + the additional 9 profile surveys, of which I have earned a total of 460 points, or a little less than $25.00. That’s my history in a nutshell. I don’t even remember qualifying for most of them, but you still earn 5 points just for trying, which is always nice.

On the site, they list all the surveys you have been invited to and which ones you completed, but they sort them by survey number, rather than by date. They also don’t tell you what the survey was, which makes this system a little confusing. That said, the surveys are frequent and aren’t too long, at about 20 minutes, and the compensation is good. You can cash out 1000 points for $50.00. What more can you ask for? It’s one of my favorite survey panels. I highly recommend it.

Registration is Free.

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Justin said...

I luv it!I've received 2 $50 cheques from them.