Esearch Panel Review

Regions:Mostly US, some Canada and UK

Min Age to Join:18, Inc. has been in the online market research area since 1995. They collect panelists opinions on different topics varying from food items to political scandals, and many types of products and services in-between. is a member of the the Market Research Association (MRA) and American Marketing Association (AMA) and fully complies with Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) guidelines for online data collection and panelist privacy. has been hosting online survey panels since 1995, and is a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Market Research Association (MRA). They currently have over 800,000 members that cover many demographics, and they offer paid surveys with topics ranging from food items to political scandals - and many other products and services in-between. Members are rewarded with either cash drawing entries or cash payments for completing surveys, and all cash rewards are delivered via PayPal.
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Ratings Summary

  • Quality of Surveys: 8.6
  • Compensation: 7.9
  • Frequency of Surveys: 3.2
  • Timeliness of Payment: 9.6
  • Member Area & Support:6.1
  • Overall Rating: 7.0
In my Opinion

I have been a member of this site for a long time now. They do send occassional surveys. The surveys always are interesting and easy to answer. The frequency of surveys however is well below average. The compensation is average for the time involved in answering. They do pay by paypal, and it is nice.

The site does not have any way you can log in though. There is no way to “track” on their site what you have made or what you still have pending, that is all on you. That’s not essential per say, but usually it’s nice to see when you are waiting for money.

The members support area on their site is average at best. They don’t really have much of a website.

So, all in all, it’s not the best site out there, but I do get paid for the few surveys I get via paypal and they always pay. It’s worth it for a few bucks a year, but not a lot of money.

Registration is Free.

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