Survey Police:Not all online surveys are scams.

Who the hell's Survey Police?
Survey Police is a good place for survey takers to rank different survey panels.It aims to provide you, the consumer, with a thorough online survey companies resource; reputations, rankings, and directories.

Here we go.

SurveyPolice is your ultimate destination for online survey information.

Let SurveyPolice help you identify survey scams, rank, review, and file complaints against online survey companies.

SurveyPolice will assist you, the panelist and consumer, to voice your opinion to legitimate marketing researchers who are listening.

Don't be afraid of the world of online surveys - it can prove to be a legitimate way of voicing your opinions to researchers readily willing to compensate you fairly for your time.

Actually,we often post our stories on it,too.But,the information must be identified carefully,because people do always have different hobbies.For example,we are highly recommending the GreenfieldOnline panel,but they just give it a rank of 31(41%).

The most useful advantage of Survey Police is that people,like you,can file their complaints here.And they will help you to resolve it.

Survey Company Complaints on Survey Police

In my opinion,a complaint form was the most effective way to solve problems when nobody was responsing your inquire and some survey panels' customer service guys could make you feel really bad.There is a list of complaints filed against online survey companies by SurveyPolice users. These complaints are shown for information purposes only and in no way represent the actual number of complaints an individual survey company receives in total from its panelists. Personal information including full names and account numbers have been omitted by SurveyPolice for privacy reasons.
If you are a member of an online survey panel and have a complaint you have already tried to resolve by contacting the survey company directly, but have not received a satisfactory response (or none at all), please go ahead and use our free service and file a complaint through us. Please note however, that we do not guarantee a satisfactory resolution, but we will certainly try our best.
It doesn't work,what should I do?

If Survey Police didn't resolve your complaint,and you were convinced that your survey panel was a scam,OK,you need to contact BBB now.

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