Microsoft to Buy Greenfield Online!!

What the hell's wrong with Mr.Microsoft?In fact,they just wanna take,a review site,which belongs to Greenfield,Inc.

Microsoft is looking forward to boosting its online shopping search market share.So they announced an acquisition of Greenfield Online, the owner of popular shopping search site is not all about shopping search. It is well known for online surveys, but Microsoft is apparently not interested in this division of the company. Microsoft will sell it to an already existent, but unspecified buyer, according to

Microsoft Corp. on Friday said it will buy Web-based survey company Greenfield Online Inc. for about $486 million in cash in a move that will bolster its search and e-commerce services in Europe.

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Tim said...

Microsoft is so stupid.
They don't even know GreenfieldOnline is the #1 market research company yet.

Survey$Center said...

They wanna boost their live search,but it seems microsoft guys have no interest in market research industry.