Mysearch Funds - Changes!!

I received their e-mail a few minutes ago.The content is as follow:
New Website launch and partnership with YAHOO!

Dear Mysearch Funds user

We are contacting you to announce some really great news! Mysearch Funds is becoming Homepages Friends, as the first stage in a process to bring you new and exciting ways of making money on the internet, from more of the things you do everyday.

Over the next few days you will see the change to our new design and to the Homepages Friends name, and then over the next few weeks you’ll see some great additions to the service you already have – but first you will need to become a member of Homepages Friends. Don’t worry, all this will happen automatically and you don’t need to do anything at all - you will still be able to earn in exactly the same way from searching online, except that the search results will come from a new provider...

We are therefore very pleased to be able to announce that the biggest online host in the world - YAHOO! – has agreed to become our sole search feed provider.

You do not need to do anything to make this change, we will make it automatically over the next few days. Initially this won’t make any difference to the way your revenue accumulates, but we believe that working with a brand of this size and quality can only have a positive influence.

Initially this will be a general, English language results service, but over the next few months we plan to move to a Yahoo results service which is specific to most other countries and languages – more details on this will follow.

YAHOO! invented the paid search marketplace in 1998 and since then, has continued to drive the category as the market leader and innovator. Their range of products is extensive and we hope that through them and other new partners new content such as shopping channels, email, blogging and much more will now be provided through our new site Homepages Friends in the not too distant future.

We believe this is an exciting move forward for us and all our members and that the benefits to you will consolidate our position as an energetic revenue-generating online provider.

If you don't know who they are,now I'm going to tell you about this company.They are a search engine provider.Actually,they cooperate with some big search engine providers like Google,Yahoo,MSN and Ask.At the beginning,they pay people who use their search engine service.It sounds weird,but that's true.The price of your search is based on their own algorithm,but it usually costs £0.02 per individual search.And once your revenue reach the £20 limit,they will pay you via Paypal or Bank Transfer in the next month(more than 45 days).

It's a simple way to generate some additional income.

You can try it here,or Join it now.

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