[Marketing Research]23 Advantages of Online Surveys

1.Multimedia advantage - pictures, audio, video, and simulated shopping can all be incorporated
2.Higher response rates versus other surveying methods (such as through direct mailings)
3.Statistical compilation is often in real time - survey results can be monitored throughout the time the survey is online
4.Fast - final reporting results are delivered within a few days versus weeks
5.Online surveys eliminate interviewer bias or error - the survey is delivered in exactly the same manner in all instances for all panellists
6.Quality of final data is higher - this is due to convenience for panellists, the ability to re-read questions, etc.
7.Time constraints for panelists eliminated - a user can take as much time needed to fully complete the survey
8.Easily survey consumers worldwide - geographic location of panellists does not impact the efficiency nor quality of the research data
9.Paid surveys allow for longer and more detailed information gathering versus surveying methods such as non-incentivized telephone surveys
10.Online surveys are taken at a convenient time for the respondent, not market research company
11.Most types of studies can easily be conducted online, including employee satisfaction surveys, company satisfaction monitoring, brand name evaluation, advertising research, competitive analysis, etc.
12.Top-level internet security and encryption protect panellist data
13.Privacy protection - respondents remain anonymous; privacy and confidentiality are protected
14.Online surveys are a non-interruption surveying method. Panelist receives an e-mail notification for an online surveys, after they have agreed to such notifications from the online market research company
15.Help desks which offer live assistance, can provide needed customer support for panellists during a survey
16.Online survey methods are increasing rapidly in use, versus telephone surveys which have a dramatically declining response rate
17.Data compilation is efficient - household information is easily stored and maintained
18.Large majority of North Americans have internet access, which makes for an accurate household representation
19.Speciality online panels of professionals such as technology specialists, healthcare personnel, and youth, make targeted groups of demographics easy to survey
20.Online surveys, because of their efficiency, reduce the time to market for new products and services, potentially meaning more money for the companies hiring the market research firms to conduct research on their behalf
21.Millions of North Americans are registered members of market research companies, meaning access to an accurate population sample in a variety of demographics
22.Cost is lower than other survey methods. Internet panel survey costs are often only a couple dollars each, versus $20 for telephone surveys
23.With a societal trend for having everything "online" and digitized, internet research panels truly are part of the wave of the future

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