[Tips]Advanced Paid Survey Tips & Tricks

6. Learn the site
Every paid survey website you sign up to will be different. If you can notice the differences and take advantage of them you are already a step above everyone else.
The first step is to know what is the general target market of the website. Often just by the look and feel of the site you can guess their target market. If you notice most posters on the site forum being of a similar demographic, adjust your profile so that you can receive surveys for that demographic.

7. Use the refer-a-friend feature
Most sites have a refer-a-friend feature where the site will pay you to attract new visitors to the site. The first step is to tell your family and friends of the site. You'd be surprised how many people are willing to give paid surveys a shot.

8. Participate in paid survey communities
If you are looking for something extra to do, find paid survey communities on the Internet and participate in them. Be it forums or blogs, you'll learn a lot more about the paid survey industry, upcoming paid survey sites and might just get invited into that exclusive survey opportunity. Get started right here joining the newsletter.

9. Learn to identify and avoid scams
Internet scams are getting more and more clever these days, so it pays to identify and avoid them. The old rule 'scams will ask you for a membership fee' might not always work. Some scams are totally free to join and might not seem like a scam, that is until many honest members find out the hard way.
Some scams are easy to see. Examples here, here and here. The first one isn't actually a survey site - it simply spams your inbox with links to survey sites. The other ones charge you a membership fee - legit companies NEVER charge any fees.
Others, like A.W.Surveys don't look like a scam, but it is! Although free to join, you'll spend yourself doing nothing other than visiting spam links, supposedly paid to 'leave feedback' for those links. This combined with a ridiculously high payout level and hidden 'payment transfer' charges means you'll never see your money. Anyone promoting it is trying to take advantage of its ridiculously good referral program, which is of course fake. An entire site has been dedicated to exposing this scam - AWSurveyScam.

10. Web marketing
For those who have done everything paid surveys, but still want more, it could be an opportunity to get into web marketing. Web marketing is basically using the web to sell a product.
WARNING: Web marketing takes a lot of time and effort and at the beginning you may will see poor results.
How is this related to paid surveys? At its most basic level, the refer-a-friend feature allows you to 'advertise' the site to your friends, while also rewarding yourself. You could take this further by inviting your classmates, colleagues and other people you may not know so well. But what if you could advertise it to people from your town, your city, or... the whole Internet?!
That's the basic premise of web marketing. By leaving your referral links in places such as forums, blogs, email signatures etc people would follow the link to sign up for paid surveys, subsequently this allows you to earn money through the referral system.
Even more complicated is making a website and promoting it. Given that a simple search for 'best paid surveys' on Google can have millions of results, it takes a lot of time and effort for your result to be noticed.
Read more about web marketing here.

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