[Tips]Beginner Paid Survey Tips & Tricks

Here are some handy tips that will save you time and effort, and might just get you that extra survey!

1. Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer
Firefox is an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer. As survey sites often involve interactive content such as video and java content, Internet Explorer will often annoy you with 'information bars' and may not display pages properly.
Firefox displays interactive content without problems and allow you to finish the survey smoothly. Get it with the Google toolbar to block ads, instantly search, use spellcheck, autofill forms and more.

2. Set up a separate paid survey email account
You'll be receiving a lot of survey request, signup confirmations and other paid survey related emails. It is probably best to set up a separate email account so that survey requests don't intrude into your personal emails. Free email accounts like Hotmail and Gmail are excellent choices.

You will NOT receive ANY spam email if you sign up with legit paid survey sites. Be wary of signing up to unknown sites that are not listed within this site.

Be sure to confirm registration when signing up to a site.

3. Complete your profiles
Companies often have strict criteria when sending out surveys. Be sure to complete your profile pages to be selected for appropriate surveys. If you do not complete your profile you may miss out on surveys that would have been suitable for you. Profile pages are a one time effort that will ensure you have the best chances for a survey.
Profiles should be kept up to date. If you are too lazy to change it every year, at least be sure to update it if you've changed email address, home address or telephone number.

4. Stay active with your favourite sites
If you establish yourself as a frequent, active survey taker, companies are more likely to send you surveys. So if you feel you don't have the time to manage 10 different sites, try to stay active with one or two. This will ensure you get the maximum number of surveys from these sites (and faster payment).

5. Organise yourself
RoboForm is a free password manager and form filler. It's more extensive than the built in one in Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can use it to easily fill out forms when signing up to different sites. Alternatively, you can use the Firefox inbuilt password manager and the Google toolbar autofill to do the same.

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